Team Four Star Posts 'Dragon Ball Z Abridged' Episode 46

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Team Four Star released Episode 46 of Dragon Ball Z Abridged: Goku is still having trouble pronouncing "Hyperbolic Time Chamber," Piccolo fights Android 17, and Krillin gets into a shouting match with Yamcha.

The best part about this installment is that it lampoons one of the most questionable fighting moves in Dragon Ball Z: when two fighters lock fingers, push their weight into each other, and scream at the top of their lungs. Neither party is attacking, nor are they defending.

They are just screaming. Android 18 chimes in, calling it "stupid."

Speaking of the Androids, Team Four Star's parody does a better job at fleshing out the 17 and 18's backstory than the original show did--making me wonder why it took Toriyama so long to release the backstory of the two punk cyborgs.

Both characters were known solely by their numerical designation until last May, when series creator Akira Toriyama finally gave them the names: Lapis and Lazuli.

Team Four Star also continued the joke of Mr. Popo being the strongest--and most sinister--character in the Dragon Ball universe. Goku continues his effort to try and pronounce "Hyperbolic Time Chamber," but to no avail. Mr.

Popo loses his patience and kicks him off Kami's Lookout. Team Four Star is quick to lampoon the plot holes in Dragon Ball Z, and I hope they eventually joke about the one that they made in their parody: If Mr.

Popo is so powerful, what's the point of the Z- Fighters going through so much rigorous training? All they really need to do is send Popo down, and the fight will be over faster than Team Four Star's version of the Garlic Jr.


I wish Vegeta was included in this episode. Piccolo has some of the saiyan prince's comedic pompousness, but the latter takes it to a completely narcissistic level--making him one of the funniest characters in the parody franchise.

For more about Team Four star, visit their official website here.

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