DragonBall Z Abridged Episode 45 Posted Online

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The latest episode of Dragonball Z: The Abridged Series is live.

DBZ Abridged has always been a parodic dub of the famous anime franchise.

And, in this episode, Team Four Star asks the question, "Why introduce the Hyperbolic Time Chamber this late in the series? And if it existed, why didn't the characters use it when the Saiyans attacked?"

(Video Below)

There is no valid response to this question. And it exemplifies why DBZ Abridged is necessary; it reminds nostalgic fans that a beloved show from their youth isn't as perfect as they remember it.

Still, that doesn't mean it can't be enjoyed.

In addition to the jokes about the show's canon, a few visual gags are thrown in to this episode; Goku's herculean strength accidentally sends Chi-Chi soaring to the Exosphere, and Dr. Brief is making some sort of embryotic clone of his wife.

It's all very silly.

The best part of the episode, however, comes in Vegeta's story. It chronicles his deplorable parenting skills, and makes his selfish quest for power laughable.

Trunks, his son from the future, is trying to establish a relationship with the father he never knew; Vegeta was killed during his timeline. But Vegeta shows no interest--limiting his words with boy to "f*** off" and "no."

You can watch the full episode below. For more about Team Four Star and their parody of Dragonball Z, visit their official website here.