Star Wars Resistance Episode 8 Review: 'Synara's Score'

Star Wars Resistance has been kind of boring lately featuring a very weak main character and a lack of action sequences. Thankfully, this week's episode called 'Synara's Score' may have been the best episode to date.

As you may have remembered from last week's episode, Kaz and Poe Dameron "saved" a girl by the name of Synara.

Little did they know that Synara herself is a pirate and she's landed on Castilon to call all of her buddies up.

The first half of this week's episode is kind of boring because Kaz and Tam are in search for a device called a 'CroMar Tri-Tracker Chip'. They need it in order to run the anti-air cannons on the platform properly.

Kaz and Tam seek out the help from Synara, yet they still don't have a clue that she's actually a pirate spy. The only character that doesn't trust Synara is BB-8, although he doesn't get a chance to see her do anything illegal yet.

Anyway, Synara gives them a new CroMar Tri-Tracker Chip and she befriends Tam. Tam is naive and still think Synara is a trusty "friend"

When all of the pilots have left and the anti-air cannons are getting fixed, Syanara calls on the other pirates so that they can invade the platform.

This is the perfect time for them to steal supplies since there aren't any defense forces operational at the moment.

This is where the episode gets more exciting because we actually get to see the characters get into an actual real life battle.

Yaeger and Tam are really good as they fight off many pirates, while Kaz is a bit useless because he cannot fight at all.

The only helpful thing he did was fix the anti-air turrets and he knocked out only one guy in the fight.

Synara is on the other side of the platform and their plan is going well.

Tam meets up with her, but she still does not know that's Synara is a spy. Synara pretends she's part of the good guys so she's still an evil spy.

Once Kaz and Yaeger fix the turrets, the pirates retreat and the battle is over.

The ending action sequence was actually exciting this week as it was the first time I've seen the good guys shoot lasers.

That said, Kaz is still a useless character in my opinion because he's annoying and he cannot fight! Neeku is even worse than Kaz because all he did was hide while all of the action was taking place!

Synara is still a spy and the good guys don't know of her true intentions. Only Yaeger suspects that a spy other than Kaz is on the platform looking out for the bad guys.

Anyway, this week's episode of Star Wars Resistance was pretty good thanks to the second half of the episode. Still, The First Order did not really appear this week, but we should see more of them in the near future!.

Verdict: 7.5/10

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