Star Wars Resistance Episode 6 Review: 'The Children of Tehar'

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Star Wars Resistance has been a mixed bag for its first few episodes as the cartoon failed to feature any exciting stories.

Last week's episode was surprisingly really good, but I think this week's episode called 'The Children of Tehar' is even better.

The main reason this episode works well is because it's focused on the main story.

Main character Kaz actually does some spy work for The Resistance because The First Order have put a 20,000 credit bounty on two young children that are hiding somewhere on The Platform.

The episode starts with Kaz still being a clumsy buffoon though.

Sometimes he's as dumb as Jar Jar Binks because he breaks an important part of a space ship, and Tam forces him to fix the job. The only way he can fix it is if he can get the bounty.

Kaz doesn't know why the kids are being hunted, but it sounds like they are wanted in alive. Kaz just wants to money so that he can fix the part that he ruined.

Kaz might be dumb in some episodes, but he was actually pretty decent in this week's episode.

Once he finds the kids, he cares for their safety because he finds out that The First Order are the ones that want to kids apprehended.

In this episode we finally get a cameo from Captain Phasma, although she only appears in hologram form. She just notes that the kids are from a high ranking family in The First Order.

In real life though, The First Order went to the planet of Tehar and killed most of the people in their village.

Kylo Ren was the one that killed their parents and it looks like he wants to end the job by killing the kids too!

Kylo Ren is only name dropped here, so he doesn't make an appearance on the show yet. I would have liked to have seen Kylo Ren, but sadly it looks like I'll have to wait for his appearance.

Anyway after knowing the kids won't be safe with The First Order, Kaz comes up with a genius plan to fake their own deaths in order to run away from the trio of Stormtroopers on their tail.

He makes the Stormtroopers believe that they have jumped in the water and drowned themselves. In reality, the kids just hid inside another compartment!

The Stormtroopers report back to Captain Phasma that the kids have died.

The bounty is called off, so the kids can live peacefully forever now. It's just sad their parents died and they can no longer go back to their home planet.

Kaz actually showed that he has sympathy and is a likable character in this week's episode. He actually acted like a spy and gave some good intel The Resistance.

'The Children of Tehar' may have been the best episode of Star Wars Resistance so far.

Let's hope the rest of the season stays like this as we need more appearances from The First Order in order to make this TV show interesting.

Verdict: 8.0/10

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