Ricky Gervais Christmas Greeting: "Hope You Die In Your Sleep" (Watch)

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Ricky Gervais had a hilarious video message for his fans at Christmas. Starting with a very short tune, Gervais went on a rant about drinking, dying, and more drinking for Christmas.

Sipping a gin and tonic on Christmas morning, Ricky Gervais discussed his Christmas Eve drinking regimen. After drinking some whiskey, Gervais got into other drinks, and then went to sleep.

After a dream in which he died, he woke up and was happy that he hadn't died yet. But in his state of stupor, she had some prolific thoughts:

We're born...we grow...we get drunk....we die....sometimes in sleep. That's the way to go isn't it...if everyone died in their sleep, we wouldn't have any stress. Nothing would matter. We wouldn't have to believe in heaven -- and kill people over believing in the wrong heaven...we'd just go, we'd have a great life...you'd go out and enjoy every minute of it knowing that you weren't gonna have a horrible end. And you'd just go out with your mates and you'd come home, you'd be drunk, be laughing. You'd eat a kebab on the way upstairs...and you just wouldn't get up...that'd be brilliant.


So this is what I wish everyone for Christmas -- that you die in your sleep...Isn't that an odd wish, but I mean it in a lovely way. I hope you have a really lovely life and then die in your sleep.

That's quite an interesting greeting for the season. No doubt there will be a lot of response on Twitter.

Ricky Gervais Gets Serious

Later in his video, aEUR

But Gervais also got serious in his message.

"I think it's time to be compassionate and tolerant...and journalists, you should just dig down and only tell the truth now." He longed for the days when journalism involved finding the truth -- not clickbait.

He also asked everyone to be more honest, but have a sense of humor.

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