Dan Bilzerian Celebrates Women's Day Using Naked Women As A Dinner Table

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While women and men all over the world were wearing red and marching in the streets for International Women's Day this week, Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian had his own way of 'celebrating' the women in his life...

Dan Bilzerian's Version Of International Women's Day

If you have ever seen his Instagram, you know that Dan Bilzerian is not the kind of guy who goes out and marches in support of feminism. Yet he was 'thankful' for Women's Day.

Bilzerian, whose social media is filled with naked women, fancy cars, and assault weapons, posted a photo with the hashtag #internatioanwomensday on his Instagram.

The photo contained five women in a hot tub, most of them topless, with one woman bent over with a tray of food on her butt, which Bilzerian was eating.

He captioned the post "It's #internationalwomensday be thankful."

A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

This is one of Bilzerian's tamer pictures, some of which contain dozens of women naked on top of him. Nevertheless, one can't help but cringe at his post.

Watch Dan Bilzerian's Animated Cartoon

In other Dan Bilzerian news, we have this: Bilzerian has created animated stories of his life -- complete with naked women, cars, and guns -- but even more intense.

In the cartoons, he and his friends are often seen having rough sex with women in different positions, using cocaine, and blowing things up.

In one episode throws bombs at drivers with a friend in Mexico City; in another, he and his coked out friends put tiger sharks in a pool; and in another, he does ecstasy and Viagra while on an IV, has sex with a hooker, and has a heart attack.

These stories are so crazy that they seem unrealistic -- even for Dan Bilzerian. Check out the clip:

A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

If you want to watch more episodes, you can see them on blitz.tv.

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