Peyton List Again Shows She's One Of The Nicest Young Stars In Hollywood

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Peyton List can't seem to do anything wrong. In addition to a hit show on Disney and multiple movies, she has time to fight for causes she cares about, such as the ASPCA.

She's always happy to meet a fan. No matter who she meets, they always love her down-to-earth attitude and friendliness.

So this story isn't surprising: This weekend, she had a bit of an ordeal at the airport when her flight was delayed and she had to run through the airport to try to catch the next flight.

And as she often seems to do, she made a new friend on the way.

The new friend she met had to run with her for the same flight, and offered to give Peyton his seat on the next flight if she couldn't get one.

But they both ended up making the flight, and Peyton is now going to hang out with him and have dinner.

It would certainly be really cool to meet Peyton List at an airport and end up hanging out with her. We're sure the young man she met, Eric, was super excited about the chance encounter.

Peyton List takes to Twitter to thank new friend

After the incident, Peyton took to Twitter to write a thank you to Eric.

In it, she said "In the end we became friends, both made the flight, and are having dinner soon. We need more people in the world who are like Eric."

Peyton has been seen countless times doing cool things for her fans.

Last year, she showed up at a fan event and photobombed some of her biggest fans before popping out and greeting them, bringing some of them to tears. Here's the video, from Nylon Magazine:

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