Disney Star Peyton List Pens Article About Getting Political and Endorses Hillary Clinton

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In many ways, Peyton List seems like your average Disney star.

She has starred in multiple long-running Disney channel series and will soon be releasing a Disney Channel original movie, "The Swap." Her Instagram is replete with selfies displaying pouty snaps.

Happy international cat day. Had to post this throwback with the one and only grumpy cat.

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She's also spotted in the trendiest outfits in celebrity magazines. She even started a fashion-related social media presence.

But there's one way in which she's bucking the trend: She's decided to go public with her support for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

In a recent article she wrote for Elle, List discusses why she decided to voice her support for Clinton:

Regardless of how you define me, I feel compelled to share my convictions: First off, I believe in equality. I believe that racism is a problem and we need to do something about it. I believe in a woman's right to choose, because, well, no one ever seems to tell guys what to do with their bodies. I believe I should make the same amount of money for doing the same job as a man.

She goes on to talk about the importance of using her influence to encourage young women to find their voice, noting that "I get how much is riding on the election, and on my generation in particular."

Like other young celebs, List knows very well that expressing your political views can be difficult -- sometimes even dangerous. Other young celebrities who have been vocal in their political opinions have been attacked online and even threatened. But she refuses to back down, saying that "When you put your politics out there...people get crazy.

The haters come out from everywhere, offering up all sorts of inappropriate things they think you can do to yourself. Or worse. It's scary, but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop."

At a time when most teen celebrities are making headlines for their latest trip to a rehab facility or fighting Twitter wars with other celebrities over ex-boyfriends or girlfriends, List's article is refreshing.

She shares how she gets her news and what she's doing to learn more about real issues outside of her own world.

Meanwhile, fans reacted quickly, with mixed opinions. Many were positive:

Others, however, were very negative:

We look forward to hearing more about what List has to say about the world. As she said: "A few years ago, before the advent of social media, it was easy to hide yourself from fans.

But with Snapchat and Insta, Facebook Live and Twitter, well, it's like starring in your own reality show every day, so you might as well be honest. At least, that's how I try and approach it."

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