'Naked and Afraid XL' Recap: '40 Days Snake in The Grass' Season 5 Episode 4

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This week on Discovery's "Naked and Afraid XL," things go from bad to worst as teams try to survive 40 days and 40 nights in "40 Days Snake In The Grass," the fourth episode of season 5.

In "40 Days Snake In The Grass" the teams continue to face challenges especially Honora (Facebook, Instagram), Chris (Facebook) and Luke (Facebook, Twitter) who now have a 6.6 XLR. Dani Beau (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) Alana (Facebook, Twitter) and Shane (Facebook) continue their survival efforts in El Bosque. Their team is holding up to the XLR rating of 7.3.

The XLR is based on the average of each contestants PSR. Team two consists of EJ (Facebook, Twitter) and Jeff (Facebook, Twitter) who are inserted into Roca Diablo with an XLR of 7.9, however they are down one member as Hakim tapped out the first day so it's dropped to 7.1. The next team consists of Dani Julien (Twitter, Instagram), Eva (Twitter, Instagram) and Laura (Twitter, Facebook) who are inserted into Rio Negro with an XLR of 8.6.

The teams that seem to be in the most trouble are Luke, Chris and Honora, as well as Alana, Dani and Shane. There are very much clashing personalities, not to forget the fact that Honora really played an unnecessary victim card, causing her team to almost fall apart.

The episode kicks off with a clip Shane confronting Alana about being lazy while Dani quietly sits by and watches. Shane decides to separate from his team and Alana doesn't seem sad to see him go at all.

On day 10 Chris, Honora and Luke are still at each other's throats. Their argument picks off where it left off with Luke walking away from Honora after she deliberately sabotaged her teammates.

Chris and Luke have to face the remaining days in the wild without tools.

Honora goes off in her confessional and says that she's tried to be nice but her teammates don't see her as a teammate.

Honora taps out, leaving Chris and Luke alone. She says she felt like she didn't have a chance and feels forced out of it all.

In Roca Diablo the EJ and Jeff are desperate for protein and they decide that food is a must. They hunt a rodent but it proves to be too fast for them. Jeff tries his hand at fishing in a small area after failing to catch anything much.

He doesn't catch a thing and Jeff is concerned about both his partner and his weight. Then, they magically stumble upon a turtle and the rejoicing begins.

These guys know how to celebrate. They could potentially take on 5,000 calories from the one turtle.

Hunger has hit the all girl group really hard and they are all feeling a strain. Dani, Laura and Eva decide to try to pull the fish trap up. Dani is feeling a bit left out because Eva and Laura are doing everything together. Dani is emotionally detached from her group. Meanwhile, Shane, Alana and Dani B aren't on the same page.

Shane has a working mentality while the two women decide to conserve their energy. Alana says that Shane needs to pace himself instead of trying to prove himself.

Shane manages to grab four fruits but when he comes back he finds his teammates laying around. Shane says he is not going to continue to work hard just for them.

Back at Roca Diablo, Jeff and EJ build a pen to hold their turtle while they search for water. In Cano Verde, Luke and Chris have to deal with the fact that they are down their tools and one partner.

They take a dip into the water to see if they can find some of their tools.

Somehow Chris finds the water bottle which will help purify and carry water. He also finds the machete and they begin feeling much better in terms of their survival.

Night has fallen on EJ and Jeff and when they return to their turtle they realize that they lost the turtle. They start looking for the turtle at night but it's no use at this point. They realize they weren't humble about their meal and it costed them. Dani and Alana smell something awful and they wake Shane to help them find it but they all have no luck. The all female group are a bit split and it causes Dani J to set out on her own to find food.

She instead, smells smoke and heads over to see where it's coming from. She walks up on Luke and Chris who are snacking on coconut.

Dani is sneaking up on the two which seems like the worst idea in this situation. The guys take notice to the commotion around them and Luke makes his way over to check it out and catches Dani.

The guys welcome Dani with open arms and she tells the guys that she came across them on their own. They really invite her over into their pool and it seems like she is liking this team better. She knows they have food and it looks like she'll be taking advantage of that. Luke takes a look at Dani's knife and she barters it for food.

They make quick work off the machete by cutting down an almond tree. Dani is tempted to stick with their camp.

She tells the guys that she does have two other girls. Chris and Luke will think about other members joining them. Some concerns about that come from added mouths to feed.

Alana, Shane and Dani B are back to looking for the capybara. Alana imposes her idea of multiple snares on Shane and he walks away in anger. Alana continues to talk about Shane behind his back and calls him unstable. Dani B says it's hard to keep the team together because of Shane's changing attitude.

He knows they don't like him and says he's done working for them. Eva and Laura are fishing for tiny little morsels of food and the two feel like they are not feeling the same effort from Dani J. Dani leaves Chris and Luke they give her some excellent parting words. They definitely feel a bit better around Dani than Honora. Chris and Luke decide that they won't accept the other two women should it come up.

Dani J is weighing her options and is leaning towards the guys for the most part. When she returns to the camp she tells Eva and Laura she came across Luke and Chris.

She makes Luke and Chris' camp sound amazing to her team.

Dani also expresses her loner feelings to her group mates and Eva says that she feels Dani has one foot out the door when it comes to providing.

Laura is not happy that Dani said she thought about leaving her team and isn't sure she wants someone like that with her.

Dani says she wanted to be completely honest with her team and all she had was a moment of weakness. Eva says she appreciates the recon mission and Dani asks them if they want to check out the scene for a bit. As night falls, EJ and Jeff have to eat grasshoppers, cockroaches and lizards after losing their turtle.

They realize that there isn't a whole lot left for them in their habit and think about moving elsewhere.

Alana and Dani B are trying to figure out where Shane is after he's been away for much of the day. Shane has decided to make his own lodge to get away from his "lazy" teammates and their "sideways comments."

After a successful hammock, he walks back to came and takes a load off in the old platform. He lies about what he was up to and tells them that he was looking for food. Alana is really uncomfortable around Shane as she points out many times throughout the episode with her words of criticism.

Dani J has regained the trust of her team and the three women decide to go spear fishing at night. They fail and begin thinking about moving to Chris and Luke's area.

Shane has been waiting to tell his partners that he's decided to part ways with them and when they come back from hunting, he tells them that he's built his own lodge.

He says he is alleviating the pressure and removing himself. Shane and Alana get into a bit of an argument and he calls Alana lazy, to which sh answers yes, I'm lazy but I work smart.

Alana says it's a load off of her mind after Shane decides to leave and in her confessional she tells Shane good luck, says that he will need it and also says he doesn't have survival skills.

Meanwhile, Shane really believes that he can make it the full 40 days and nights.

"40 Days Snake In The Grass" shows how tempers can really bring a rift into a team. Honora has really been sabotaging her team and it's continuing to tell on their chances of survival especially after her exit.

Honora has left.

Being away from their families and civilization for more than a month is an incredible task. See what happens when Discovery continues to show what happens when strangers are put out in the harsh wilderness, "Naked and Afraid."

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