'Naked and Afraid XL' Recap: '40 Days Jungle Rich' Season 5 Episode 5

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This week on Discovery's "Naked and Afraid XL," teams continue to edge closer to their breaking point trying to survive 40 days and 40 nights in "40 Days Jungle Rich," the fifth episode of season five.

In "40 Days Jungle Rich" the teams things get harder and harder and since Honora (Facebook, Instagram) has tapped out, Chris (Facebook) and Luke (Facebook, Twitter) are forced to survive down one teammate. Their XLR took a serious hit because of it as well. Dani Beau (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) Alana (Facebook, Twitter) and Shane (Facebook) are not seeing eye to eye and Shane has set up his own shelter away from the girls in El Bosque.

EJ (Facebook, Twitter) and Jeff (Facebook, Twitter) who are inserted into Roca Diablo and have found it pretty difficult to get food especially since they are also down Hakim. Dani Julien (Twitter, Instagram) got a little taste of the good life with Luke and Chris and her teammates Eva (Twitter, Instagram) and Laura (Twitter, Facebook) are fearing that she still might have one foot out the door.

Their team is still alive in Rio Negro but will have to come together if they want things to work out. See all the XLR's here.

There is a preview of the "super" team who have come together but there is danger lurking around them and they are awoken by strange growls. Yet another nice piece of foreshadowing by the "Naked and Afraid XL" folks. The scene starts in El Bosque where Dani Beau and Alana are looking for food. Alana is relieved that Shane is gone and Dani says Shane is like the weird neighbor that you know is there but you don't want to run into them.

Alana tells Dani they should try to catch some fish so that they can prove a point towards Shane. Alana deploys a fish basket and waits.

Meanwhile, Shane has made a spear and is out hunting for a good source of protein.

He is still going after the elusive capybara and misses his chance once again. However, Alana manages to catch a little fish and she decides she wants to share some with Shane but decides against it.

In Roca Diablo Jeff and EJ are starving for protein after they let their turtle escape last week. The guys decide that they need to start moving because their resources are very very limited.

They plan on moving towards a lake 13 miles away.

The temperatures are very dangerous and the resources are also limited there as well.

EJ is very confident that the team will find food and the guys load up their packs with food to help them stay on course and Jeff says a little prayer before the journey.

Cano Verde's crew of Chris and Luke have found a mango tree and they are getting ready to climb the tree and grab a few bunches. Chris was bitten heavily by ants but says the mangoes were worth the reward.

They have a huge abundance of mangoes now and Luke cracks a "fruitful" joke.

The guys have doubled their resources and they don't even miss Honora one bit. The guys have a variety of fruit that all provide their own important sources of vitamins.

Shane is anemic and is suffering from a lack of iron. He hears something moving around his camp and gets dangerously close to a coral snake. He manages to escape without being bitten but is upset he doesn't have food.

Meanwhile the all woman team is struggling to deal with the limited resources. Dani Julien asks Laura and Eva is they would like to venture over to Cano Verde and see if Chris and Luke are willing to share.

They gather their materials and make their way over but Dani is nervous that Luke and Chris' resources could be of help to them.

Meanwhile the two guys are having such an easy time that Luke asks Chris is he wants to try some yoga.

Chris agrees to try and the two begin the yoga exercises. Chris says he's never been a yoga guy but he won't have the opportunity again so why not. Luke is enjoying the "broga" session and even does a headstand. Later on Dani and the girls join team bromance and automatically begin to freak out over all of the resources that Chris and Luke have.

They begin bargaining for the food and Luke and Chris say that they are jungle rich. Luke says that five people is a lot of people however they are open to catching fish with their mosquito net and having extra hands.

Everyone agrees to give the communal effort a try. Eva, Laura and Dani are welcomed with a meal of mangoes in exchange for their help with the protein.

After walking 6 hours EJ and Jeff are less than halfway to the lake and they need water. Jeff says walking barefoot is one of the hardest parts of the challenge. They see a clearing ahead with some trees and head over to find water.

They find a cave which will help them from the harsh environment.

They are risking diseases from the bats inside the cave but are hoping that the fire helps protect them from the bats.

They do plan to leave this area the next day because they're really finding it hard to move on without water and food.

Team bromance is now team "butts and nuts." Things get interesting when everyone tries to call it a night. They hear very strange noises and movements around them and everyone is alert. There are eyes glowing at them but things seem to be fine. Shane is surviving without Alana and Dani and they don't seem to miss him at all.

Shane says he doesn't have materials to catch fish and has to stop walking in the water to save energy. Alana and Dani are loving time away from Shane who pops up out of nowhere and asks the girls if they want to help him fish.

Alana is very cold towards Shane and says that she will be going fishing later however, she doesn't need help.

Shane senses the negativity and asks for the fire starter. Shane is struggling on his own and says he can either find a new group or tap, however, he can't survive alone.

Shane is going to try to develop a working agreement between his group. He tells them that he thinks the three of them to be successful if they work together. Alana asks him what tasks he thinks they should be doing. Alana is even more combative against Shane and she is trying to get Shane to admit that he can't do it on his own. He does and Alana only offers him coals to start a fire.

Alana uses Shane's own words against him and Shane tries to reason but Alana says they don't need his help forcing him away from the group again. Alana is seeking an apology from Shane who is now moved to tears. Things get worst when clouds set in overhead and the threat of rain is upon them.

Shane prays for strength and is now vulnerable and emotionally drained.

He's forced to keep moving through the night to keep his body warm because he has no fire. Meanwhile, Alana and Dani are warm and making fun of the fact that Shane is on his own.

Jeff and EJ are awoken to the sounds of birds chirping and they get moving again. They continue to eat the barrel cactus to stay hydrated as they continue their quest to the river. Shane survived the night but has to catch some sun to warm up. Meanwhile, EJ and Jeff are praying that they can find a good source of water.

They follow the trail and guess what, the guys come across a lonely Shane. EJ and Jeff's XLR increases to 7.6 while Shane, Alana and Dani's XLR drops to 5.5. Meanwhile the supergroup's combine XLR has risen to 8.2.

When Jeff and EJ run into Shane they seem very happy and Shane seems extremely relieved to see them. They catch up a bit and Shane says Alana and Dani were with him but he chose to separate. EJ and Jeff agree that they want to stay drama free and Shane points them towards water.

It looks like a new team is building as EJ and Jeff enjoy the water and Shane happily watches on. A couple fist bumps later and the guys are getting along fine.

They tell Shane that they are moving to the piranha lake and he wants to go with them. Jeff is reluctant but they agree to meet with Alana and Dani then set up camp with Shane at least until the next day. Alana and Dani walk in on EJ, Jeff and Shane and they all get acquainted once again.

Jeff notices that Shane shuts down when Alana and Dani come along. He senses something and Jeff wants to steer clear of drama. He and EJ have some big decisions to make.

"40 Days Jungle Rich" saw the creation of a "super" team. There is no telling what's going to happen with so many mouths to feed.

That being said the group could build a community and pass the time much quicker. See what happens when Discovery continues to show what happens when strangers are put out in the harsh wilderness, "Naked and Afraid."