Mac Miller Tweets Against Police Shooting Michael Brown, 'Batmac' Replaces 'Old Jewish'

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Mac Miller changed his sub name to "Batmac" from "Old Jewish," which is fitting to describe recent tweets on the subject of police officers shooing unarmed individuals.

His first tweet read, "Dear police, stop shooting kids and killing people out of fear," while the second read, "why are you so scared of people that don't look like you." The tweet came on August 10 the day after St. Louis police shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown during a scuffle with officers, as reported by the NY Post.

Following the shooting, St. Louis streets erupted in riots as protestors demanded action against the officers involved reports the NY Post.

Miller has been known for his strange tweets but these may stem from frustration as these type of shootings become more prevalent.

Since then Miller has been a little quiet on Twitter, which for fans of the hip-hop star, might mean that he is cooking something really special.

Check out the tweets below.

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