Kaepernick Shows Abs In Sports Illustrated Cover But Wilson Isn't Fully Innocent

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This morning, on the Seattle Seahawk's Facebook page, they posted an article link to their own website sharing a photo of this weeks Sports Illustrated cover featuring a (mostly) shirtless Colin Kaepernick and a fully uniformed Russell Wilson.

Looking at the article comments on the Seahawks Facebook page, you notice a trend of how Wilson is a class act and Kaepernick is just trying to get attention and seems to be always nude in photographs.

When you look at the article posted, it only shows the top half of the full Sports Illustrated cover...

Taking a look at the full cover and readers would notice that Sports Illustrated did what it tends to do when it comes to it's covers - it sexualizes the people on it. This includes Wilson too, even though it may not be as prominent at first appearance.

You see that Kaepernick's abs are exposed but then when Russell Wilson is shown, viewers notice that his, um, "package" was on clear display. It is definitely made noticeable, especially when compared to Kaepernicks "area."

Sports Illustrated sexualized both men but Kaepernick is taking the brunt of the criticism because his is more noticeable.

Not to mention, in the past, he has had no issue posing in a sexual manner anyway.

It's time to ask the questions: "Is there a need to exploit these talented players to sell copies?" or "Is this just two men being exploited on a magazine just like women have been for years?"

Photo Courtesy of Daniel Hartwig

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