Scottie Pippen Is Not Broke!

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The Supreme Court rejected a defamation lawsuit that former Chicago Bulls superstar Scottie Pippen filed after media companies falsely reported that Pippen had gone bankrupt reports the Associated Press.

Pippens' $10 million lawsuit was rejected by the court because as a public figure, Pippen was unable to provide proper evidence that the publications did in fact have the intent of malice behind publishing the false information.

Pippen however, claims that due to the media outlets refusal to remove the published information, that shows enough intent to defame his name.

Right decision?

It seems like Pippen may have gotten a raw deal here, no one wants information about them that happens to be false running rampant on the internet by a number of publications.

It is the responsibility of a publication to fact check material and edit stories where false information is present. The publications refusal to actually publish that information is questionable indeed.

According to, a article titled "15 Athletes Gone Bankrupt" featured Pippen and claimed that he had lost career earnings of $120 million of career earnings including $4 million for a corporate jet.

The article was published in 2011 and now, three years later, the court has finally decided to dismiss the lawsuit.

So now Pippen gets his lawsuit denied and still has articles that claim he's bankrupt, it's tough to see a legend go through that for sure.

Photo courtesy of jlurie Flickr.