Johnny Depp: Leading Actor, Humble Musician

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One of America's favorite actors, Johnny Depp, has been seen on the big screen in a number of charismatic and memorable roles.

But what many people may not know is that Depp has been involved with music ever since he was young.

Just like acting, music has remained a significant part of his life, and it involves more than just fiddling around on his guitar whenever he's not taking on his role as Jack Sparrow.

Depp has been in several bands such as The Kids, formed in the early eighties where Depp was lead guitarist, and P, a rock group formed by Depp and Gibby Haynes (current lead singer of The Butthole Surfers) in 1993.

The actor has made appearances in multiple music videos and songs, has taken credit for composing music as well as being the executive producer for several albums.

Over the years, Depp has also performed on stage with a number of popular musicians and artists.

During the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, he made an appearance with The Black Keys during their hit single "Gold on the Ceiling." He has also played alongside Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, Marilyn Manson, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, plus more worldwide known musicians.

Depp keeps his music abilities low key because of how strongly he feels about mixing one's career as an actor with his career as a musician. The idea that there are actors who use their Red Carpet fame to persuade fans to support them in music as well is less than pleasing to Depp.

He would rather have them enjoy the music for what it is, not simply because of the person delivering it. Depp has been able to fill both sets of shoes; he just keeps one more hush-hush than the other.

Without a doubt, Johnny Depp is no stranger to the music industry. Even though his talent has been utilized in multiple ways, fans of the actor won't be hearing a debut solo album anytime soon.

For now, he continues to win people's attention as the one-of-a-kind actor he has always been, while keeping his life as a musician in full-swing but out of the Hollywood spotlight.

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