All Time Low: 'Future Hearts' and Their Top 10 Best Songs

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It has been two weeks since the release of their most recent album, Future Hearts, and almost a week since they hit the road on the Future Hearts Tour.

They ended a short European Tour near the end of March, and then put on a surprise performance at the top of the Empire State Building.

Future Hearts even earned itself a number one spot on the U.K Top 40 Album Chart after a week after its release.

It's safe to say the guys of Maryland-native band All Time Low have been leading busy lives promoting their new album, but thrilling all the same.

Alex Gaskarth (lead vocals and guitar), Jack Barakat (guitar), Zack Merrick (bass), and Rian Dawson (drums) have spent their time creating catchy songs, cracking inappropriate yet humorous jokes during shows and on their Twitter accounts, and connecting with their fans from across the country and world.

And with Jack and Zack throwing in the occasional legs split in the air jump on stage, it's no surprise that the guys know how to have a good time and still engage their fans, even when their hectic schedules seem never-ending.

In celebration of how far the band has come since the beginning of their career, here are the top 10 best All Time Low songs:

Jasey Rae (2006): Released on one of their earlier albums, Put Up or Shut Up, "Jasey Rae" gets fans of the band, especially those from the beginning of their career, pumped up at shows as the words are sung from start to finish.

With a sing-as-loud-as-you-can bridge followed by a guitar solo, "Jasey Rae"has been said to be an apology from Alex to someone from his past.

Lullabies (2006): Also from Put Up or Shut Up, the final track to the record is one of the band's most honest, heartfelt songs written.

Recognizing the passing of Alex's brother, "Lullabies" produces a strong set of emotions with lyrics like "Sing me to sleep / I'll see you in my dreams / Waiting to say / I miss you, I'm so sorry."

Remembering Sunday (2007): An all-around fan favorite during ATL shows, "Remembering Sunday" is played as an acoustic song throughout most of its entirety, telling the story of a boy in love with a girl. There have been arguments regarding what the song is about, but Alex has revealed in the past that it has nothing to do with the girl he sings about dying (one of the arguments), but she is "at home in the clouds" on a plane.

Juliet Simms, previous singer of Automatic Loveletter, is featured in the song.

Dear Maria, Count Me In (2007): All Time Low's hit single off of their album So Wrong, It's Right, "Dear Maria" offers a more cheerful, dance in your seat type melody than the last few songs mentioned.

It opens with lyrics that are later heard in the chorus along with a simple guitar riff in the back, which then leads into the rest of the song.

Tidal Waves (2015): One of the newest All Time Low songs from their Future Hearts album, "Tidal Waves" brings a familiar, Blink-182esque sound, which is fitting since Blink singer Mark Hoppus makes an appearance in the song.

Besides Hoppus contributing his vocal talents to the track, the songs' lyrics contain emotion and honesty with a more low-key melody and the tune of an acoustic guitar.

Old Scars / Future Hearts (2015): As the final track to Future Hearts, you can feel the energy of Zack's bass and the edge in Alex's voice throughout the song and as the bridge opens into the chant, "We've got scars on our future hearts / But we never look back, no we never look back." The song wraps up the album with a "This is only the beginning" sort of feel.

Six Feet Under the Stars (2007): This song came as another single from So Wrong, It's Right.

In reference to the song's title, Alex has previously explained that six feet under the stars is a non-existent place that has no rules or limits, but leaves room for only two people where they can be themselves without the judgments or opinions of others.

Coffee Shop Soundtrack (2006): Another track from Put Up Or Shut Up, "Coffee Shop Soundtrack" is what you might call "an oldie but a goodie." Although it is supposedly written about an affair Alex had with one of his teachers, the song still manages to deliver a catchy tune that will leave All Time Low fans feeling nostalgic for the days when the band was touring in a van and living off of Milano cookies and Subway.

Weightless (2009): The first single off of Nothing Personal, "Weightless" is an anthem to those needing a boost of motivation and even hope.

Alex conveys feelings of frustration as well as determination singing through lyrics such as "Maybe it's not my weekend, but it's gonna be my year / And I'm so sick of watching all the minutes pass as I go nowhere." Between the lyrics and its upbeat sound, "Weightless"can help bring anyone out of their funk.

A Love Like War (2013): Opening with a guitar riff from Jack to introduce the song, "A Love Like War" is featured as a bonus track off of the extended version of the band's album Don't Panic: It's Longer Now! Pierce the Veil lead singer Vic Fuentes is brought on to share vocals with Alex.

During the chorus you'll hear Rian fueling power into the drums, and to further showcase Jack's talent, a solo from the guitarist.

There are still tickets left for the Future Hearts Tour, which can be found on the band's website.