'The Flash' Recap: 'The Man Who Saved Central City' Season 2 Premiere Episode 1, Triumphant Return

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Last season The Flash raced up the side of a building and into a black hole to stop the end of the world.

In "The Man Who Saved Central City," the season two premiere picks up right where it left off but some changes have occurred in Barry surround the guilt of Eddie's death.

The season two premiere resumes with Central City in a very strange state and Barry with a strong feeling of guilt. After Eddie died, Barry thinks that he is responsible for letting everyone in and by doing so, he put them all in danger.

The Flash decides to start taking on the Central City criminals on his own, however, a new villain the Atom-Smasher a.k.a Albert Rothstein emerges and Iris doesn't want Barry to take him on solo.

Caitlyn, Cisco and Joe are all trying to crack down on the meta-humans which leads Cisco to working hand in hand with Joe on preparing a Meta Task Force that is able to assist Barry.

The Flash shifts into gear as Barry faces off with Captain Cold and and his partner. The team seems to be all together and in great spirits after Barry single handedly takes everyone out. However, this is an alternate universe.

Everyone is still around him including Eddie and Wells.

Just then it flashes to a lonely Barry who appears to be working all on his own.

Barry recounts the story and says he thought he would be able to revenge however, he has chosen to be alone to keep the people he loves safe.

Barry is back to work with Joe and they are looking over Al Rothstein, who appears to have been strangled by something very big and very strong. Barry confirms that it's not Grodd to Joe's relief. Joe starts bothering Barry about making an appearance at Flash Day, an event being held to honor the man who saved Central City. Cisco is working with Joe and the Meta-Human task force.

Cisco is in charge of developing a boot to help regular officers fight crime. Iris walks in and joins the conversation about convincing Barry to attend Flash Day.

Joe says maybe Iris should give it a try, but when he sees Eddies photo at the station she is a bit emotional.

Iris meets up with Barry who is working hard to put the coffee shop back to how it was. Barry has been rebuilding all of the local businesses in secret at night. Barry says if she's trying to talk him into the rally it's not going to work. Barry doesn't want to take the credit for saving the city.

There is a recount of what happened and it looks like Ronnie and Dr. Stein had a bigger part to play in it all.

They needed to join together, then, separate in the eye of the black hole as the Flash had it contained. Unfortunately it seems as if Ronnie did not make it. Caitlyn was heartbroken and Barry blames himself.

Meanwhile, at Flash Day, the whole of Central City has gathered except for The Flash who seems to be missing in action. Cisco and Joe are chatting when out of the corner of his eye, Cisco sees Caitlyn looking around. The mayor makes a speech about the new Meta-Humans who are committing crimes all over the city. The mayor and the city are all looking to Barry as a sign of hope and just when it looks like he wasn't going to show, here comes The Flash speeding in.

There is a look of reluctance on Barry's face and pride in all of his friend's face. Suddenly a hotdog stand comes hurling in the air and the Flash saves the mayor.

Flash is attacked by the Atom-Smasher and Cisco has a bit of a flashback.

Once he is out of his daze, Cisco gives Joe the new weapon he developed however, it only seems to have increased the size of the Atom-Smasher. Joe recognizes the culprit when he and Barry team up to try and stop the menace. The Atom-Smasher manages to escape.

Cisco finds out that the body of Rothstein was in the morgue all night and that he was really on vacation when the accelerator exploded. Iris tells Joe that they need to talk and she tells him that Barry can't work alone anymore.

She insists that she and everyone else kept pushing him away when they need to stop asking questions and act.

Cisco visits Caitlyn at Mercury Labs and tells her that he spotted her at the rally. She tells him that she can't come back but he just rattles off information about the Meta-Humans and the attack that blindsided the rally. An attorney visits Barry to discuss the fact that Star Labs is now in his name.

There is a video message from Wells that the lawyer insists Barry watches. When Barry checks on a reported security breach at Star Labs, he races over to find his friends and family devising a plan to stop the Atom-Smasher.

Joe tries to convince Barry that he needs to let Cisco and Dr. Stein help him but he races away without his comm-system.

The Atom-Smasher is absorbing radioactive waste and when Barry encounters him, he tells the Flash that he is there to kill him. Barry tries taking the Atom-Smasher on his own however, it's backfiring pretty badly. Cisco manages to sound the alarm with help from Dr. Stein and the Atom-Smasher skips out. Barry falls to the floor and a flashback of him and Joe plays.

Joe is trying to convince a young Barry that it's okay for him to be sad. Barry jumps into Joe's arms and in the present day Joe is watching over his adopted son who is lying in a bed recovering from a beating.

Joe asserts himself and tells Barry that he won't let him work on his own anymore.

Joe says that everyone else who was there when the "singularity thing" occurred and everyone made a decision to help. He encourages Barry to try and rebuild things that really matter to him.

Barry visits Caitlyn and tells her that he wasn't the hero that day. She said of course he was but Barry insisted that it was really Ronnie. Caitlyn says she doesn't blame Barry for Ronnie's death. She blames herself for refusing to leave Central City with Ronnie because of Star Labs.

Barry shares the video with Caitlyn who agrees to watch it with him. In the video, Wells says that if they are watching the video, something went really wrong.

Wells says they were never truly enemies and he isn't the one he hates. Wells then admitted to killed Barry's mother in a confession tape which allows Barry to free his father from prison.

Barry calls a meeting at Star Labs and Caitlyn will also be in attendance. Barry and Joe are trying to get down to the release of his father and everything looks good. The team is back to working together and Caitlyn suggests overloading the Atom-Smasher with radiation. The Flash is being chased by the Atom-Smasher who is the biggest he's been all episode.

The Flash leads his foe into the core reactor and due to an overload, he is reduced to his normal size. Barry apologizes and says that he couldn't let him hurt anyone else.

Rothstein said that he was promised a ride home if he killed Barry.

Barry's father is released from Iron Heights Prison and the two of them seem happier than ever. Mr. Allen is greeted by a welcome home party and the entire team is back together and happier than ever. It's one of those visuals you realize will change as the series progresses but still awesome. Mr. Allen makes a speech about how far they've come and vows that they all make a push to move forward.

Barry is excited to move in with his dad and get him a job but Mr. Allen seems a bit overwhelmed and Barry picks up on the fact that his father doesn't plan on sticking around. He asks Barry if he thinks he can be all he can be with him around and says there is another family that needs his help.

He tells Barry to help the city and his friends and he will be there when he needs him.

Barry's dad asks for his permission to go and it's granted. It's unfortunate that he worked so hard to free him and won't be able to spend time with him.

The episode ends with Joe and Barry back at Star Labs. Joe presents Barry with the keys to the city and they laugh about how cool it all is.

The team has all assembled once more and the Flash has a new logo for his suit.

Everyone seems to be on board with everything.

An intruder steps in and announces himself as Jay Garrick and tells them that their world is in danger. Garrick is known as the first superhero to go by the name The Flash.

"The Man Who Saved Central City" continues the intensity and suspense from season one of The Flash. The introduction and continuous homages to original villains such as the Atom-Smasher was very impressive.

Fans will be expecting an even more action once Gorilla Grodd comes into the picture. Fans who want more "The Flash" extras can head over to The CW to find out more about their favorite super hero and his team.

Photos that sum up tonight's episode.

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