'Epic Drifting' In Blizzard Colbie 2015 Caught On NY News

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Well when there is snow there will be a few crazy drivers who want to show off their driving skills and this one particular car manages to get their drift seen on a local New York news station during 2015's Blizzard Colbie.

(Video Below)

Did they watch "Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift" before this went down? While the East Coast is being slammed by a Blizzard people are being cautioned to stay inside their homes but for others this is the prime weather to do a little showboating.

The video was posted to the Bimmer Clips YouTube channel and shared on Reddit.com.

A card that resembles a Nissan 240sx was caught on camera as the driver took a turn from a green light and drifted through the news broadcast. It sounded as if he was screaming something at the crew and the camera man tries his best not to turn away from the reporter.

Of course it just happened to be when the cast was ending and the last words from the anchors in the studio were let's try to keep it safe out there, you can already hear some people saying "yeah right," after that statement.

Watch The Video Below

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