Ellen DeGeneres Takes First Lady Michelle Obama To CVS

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Life after the White House is going to get pretty normal for the Obama family.

So, in order to prepare the First Lady Michelle Obama for it, Ellen DeGeneres decided to take her to CVS so they can do shopping the "normal" way.

Not everyone arrives to CVS with police escorts, however, when you're a prominent figure things tend to be a little different. Don't worry, things got a tad bit more normal as the trip went on.

DeGeneres told the First Lady that she would need a cart and she would also have to push it herself because no one would do it for her.

The First Lady was intrigued by a portable fan and DeGeneres decided to open the packet up in the store, because that's what normal people do.

DeGeneres even took the First Lady to a Coinstar machine to show her how she can turn her coins into a receipt. Add a Bernie Sanders joke and some customer service help with a backscratcher and you get a pretty hilarious trip to CVS. Luckily for fans the shopping was done during the Halloween season so there was a ton of candy and costumes on display.

First Lady Obama and DeGeneres even opened a box of wine in the middle of CVS. You can check out all of the hilarious moments as Ellen DeGeneres took First Lady Michelle Obama shopping at CVS in the video below.

Watch Ellen DeGeneres Take First Lady Michelle Obama To CVS

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