Ellen DeGeneres Helps A Fan Live Out A Dream

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By now we all know that Ellen DeGeneres is one of the greatest when it comes to helping people in need or fans who have been dying to be on her show.

Recently, DeGeneres made a fans dream come true and helped her cross a moment off of her bucket list.

DeGeneres welcomed Priscilla on to her show. One of the items on Priscilla's bucket list was to participate in and win a game on the Ellen Show.

Oddly enough, Priscilla participated in one of DeGeneres' games a couple weeks back, however, she wasn't able to win.

This time Priscilla got another shot with a game called Sorry Spin! The fan was responsible for getting all four of the pawns by going through a rigorous course in 90 seconds.

Priscilla was able to complete the challenge and won herself a total of $20,000. It's safe to say that anyone would love to be in Priscilla's shoes no matter how crazy or entertaining you'll look to viewers and audience members on the show.

DeGeneres recently helped comedian Quincy Jones live out his dream of taping an HBO comedy special, after being diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer.

We want to know what you bucket list looks like, let us know in the comments section below.

Watch Priscilla Play Sorry Spin!