Dan Bilzerian Has A Motorcycle In His Pool #DanBilzerianProblems

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When you're a rich Instagram playboy like Dan Bilzerian your life is never normal. In fact, Bilzerian's most recent predicament was centered on a motorcycle but it seems as if someone tried to ride it under water.

In the photo below it appears as if a guy is trying to get the bike out of the pool.

As for the the woman in the bikini, we're not sure if she is trying to help or admiring the situation.

"Current situation... #YeaThatsABikeInMyF**kingPool," read the caption of Bilzerian's photo. When you look at this you can't help but to think this is only something that could happen to Bilzerian, hence our #DanBilzerianProblems.

Meanwhile, Bilzerian is also scheduled to make an appearance in the Extraction film starring Bruce Willis, Kellan Lutz and Gina Carano.

There is no telling how much of Bilzerian fans will be able to to see in the film but the action film seems right up Bilzerian's alley.

In the meantime we can all sit back and wonder just how Bilzerian managed to get a sport bike into his pool, the world may never know.

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