Corey Feldman Back on Today Show Hilarious Video 'Take a Stand' (Watch)

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Corey Feldman returned to the Today Show this morning to sing another of his new songs, 'Take a Stand', and it was hilarious.

Having apparently just been swallowed by a gold frog, Corey Feldman talked with the Today Show hosts about his previous performance of Go 4 It, which you can watch below, and how it was received.

On this episode, Corey Feldman was singing another song from his new double CD 'Angelic to the Core'.

He explains that "when KISS first started, when Eminem first started, when Nirvana got started they all got hate...because we're doing something new."

Although his costumes and dancing are indescribable, he's actually not a bad singer and he seems like a cool guy. We say go for it, Corey!

For Corey Feldman, "it's all about being an artist" and trying something new. That's certainly what he did. You can watch the clip below.

And here's the video:

If you haven't yet seen Corey Feldman singin 'Go 4 It' on Today, you can watch it here:

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