Bigfoot Visits The Howard Stern SiriusXM Radio Show

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It's been quote some time since Bigfoot visited the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show, however, he made his return in grand fashion talking about his fiance Danielle and much more.

Bigfoot and Stern kicked off the interview by talking about his fiance Danielle. Stern actually exchanged some pretty sexual information about Bigfoot and Danielle before moving into why the two needed to have separate bank accounts, according to a MarksFriggin rundown of the show.

Bigfoot also said that the key to a good relationship is in fact keeping separate bank accounts.

"Big Foot said he's mentally impaired. Big Foot said he has gastritis too," according to MF.

"He said he has 4 people staying there with him. He said that he's trying to do an eviction to get them kicked out," referring to his house and current battle with the other residents.

The guys made fun of the fact that Bigfoot said that President Obama stole some of his ideas by staging an impersonator to come in and play the part of the President of the United States. The ideas in question were the legalization of marijuana and the melting of bridges and buildings to build roads lost in hurricane Katrina.

Bigfoot went back and forth with the impersonator for what made a hilarious segment during the interview.

Meanwhile, Bigfoot said that he believes Donald Trump is a guy who doesn't know what to do, according to MF. You can check out the full interview between Bigfoot and Stern here.

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