'Beauty and the Beast' Recap: 'Unbreakable' Season 3 Episode 11, Always Stronger Together

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The CW's "Beauty and the Beast" finally gave a worthy Big Bad. Someone who's superhuman and a beast.

Vincent might have met his match but will be able to work with then enemy, in "Unbreakable" season three's eleventh episode.

By revealing that both Vincent and Liam were Beasts, kept J.T. safe for the time being. Plus, Liam has bigger fish to fry.

Bigger fish that could end up exposing Beasts to the public. Liam recruits Vincent for help, which he agrees to. Cat, on the other hand, is looking deeper into Liam and it's his family history that set off warning bells.

J.T. still has to be moved from safe house to safe house. He's more worried about Liam being a Beast than Vincent, who's overly confident about his ability not to go beast.

J.T. is also hiding the negative effects from having the serum in him. Heather's back and far more understanding now than before. She's even been doing her own research.

Liam appears at the cafe wanting to talk to Cat. He willingly allows her to arrest him so he can talk to her and Vincent alone.

Liam is definitely in the grey range with morals.

He's trying to put him and Vincent on a more even playing field because he wants Vincent help. Tess comes in with Liam's lawyer who tells them that he can't be charged.

Cat and Vincent arrive home to the scene of Liam keep the table steady under J.T.'s feet so he's not killed by the rope around his neck. He doesn't kill J.T. but he scares them first.

Homeland has blood from Liam and another experiment. Liam gave some of Vincent as well, so he'd have to go. He guilts Vincent into following him with the threat of innocent deaths.

Vincent agrees as long as Liam stays away from Cat and J.T. Liam also tells him that J.T. is dying.

So much for his attempts to keep it secret. Now, he just has to convince Cat that he should be able to go. Vincent wants to get Liam to trust him so he'll find out Liam's plan.

At the station, Cat tells Tess about her plans so far. She can't get to the Ellingsworths as a cop, so Cat decides to go as a citizen. Before she leaves she gives Tess a cryptic message about spending time with J.T..

So Tess goes over to see him. He plays off his guilt as frustration. Tess relaxes him to try and get him to remember.

He does but only problem now is that they have to go through all of his safety deposit boxes. Vincent arrives in a time fashion for his mission with Liam.

Cat recruits Heather to help her get into the Ellingworths museum party. Cat's antsy about Vincent's time spent with Liam. Which is probably true because Liam is trying to convince him to use every sense.

Cat blows the whole plan by calling Vincent and telling him everything with Liam in hearing distance. Cat snags a pass from a person with it hanging from their pocket.

Back at J.T.'s Tess is finding all kinds of evidence about his condition. He refuses to talk about so she leaves. Liam is still baiting Vincent by making him jump from building to another building.

Liam's real motive might be because of a broken heart more than his beast senses. He then reveals that he knows their whole plan before making the jump. It's love vs.

lives now for Vincent and he chooses lives. Cat's creeping again, waiting for a moment to be alone with Ellingsworth. She follows her into another room and tries to get her to look at a thumb-drive with evidence against Liam.

Won't help her though because Liam saved their business...oh and he's also a Ellingsworth himself. Cat gets escorted out by security.

Tess is upset but Cat is still really sure that Liam isn't actually part of their family. Seems both halves of this couple are making progress on being independent because Cat won't allow herself to worry about Vincent.

Vincent and Liam are making their way through the building with Liam throwing down some more of his knowledge. Liam just brought Vincent along to open a door? That sounds fake. Turns out that Liam's test matches up but he's not a brother he's an ancestor.

This is too funny. Liam's the best from 1854 who's heart was broken my Cat's ancestor. See funny.

Cat leaves to go warn Vincent and also not allow him to destroy Liam's blood. But he never gave them his blood. So Vincent attacks Liam but Liam beats the shit out of him until Vincent is forced to go primal.

The alarms go off and the police swarm. Vincent has to follow Liam or risk being caught. Man double cross but Liam is like a cat, landing on his feet and surviving the fall off the building.

Time for the nightly wine conversation. Heather points out that Liam was abandoned by his family when they found out what he was. J.T. finally told Tess about his illness and promises not to push her away anymore. She's a good positive influence for his negative perspective. Vincent and Cat are out on a mice stroll talking about how well they did apart and that they can beat Liam if they're together.

"Unbreakable" is one of the more exciting episodes this season. Many character's morals were challenged and things they've done in the past might not look as good to them as they last did.

That building scene was definitely a heart stopper. Catch up on 'Beauty and the Beast' and watch on Thursday's at 8pm.

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