'Beauty and the Beast' Recap: 'Patient X' Season 3 Episode 10, Threads to the Truth

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The CW's "Beauty and the Beast" ended last week's episode by reminding everyone that Cat and Vincent can't get away from the supernatural world and that they have to defeat it themselves.

Cat and Vincent are finally on the same page for what seems like the first time in "Patient X" the tenth episode of the third season

While trying to figure out the best way to capture Liam, Cat and Vincent come across some information. But it could also lead them straight into a trap.

Worried about that he isn't so serum-free, JT and Tess start trying to confirm the right answer.

Since Liam is still collecting blood from people injected with the serum, he's still after JT and the rest of the gang can't always be there to protect him.

Cat is searching for leads on Liam but gets distracted by the wedding cake topper. She plays it cool as Vincent comes through the door.

Jt is not happy about the swat team that constantly around him. Vincent offers up an idea that could help them find Liam more quickly.

JT calls guy who was attacked and they start trading information. Good thing they talked because one room over was Liam pretending to be a doctor. He rigs an old lady's oxygen tank so that it will blow up, killer her and him.

Vincent is dresses up like JT to try and surprise Liam. But the only person that comes in is a punk kid. They have to let him go once they get a call from the hospital.

Vincent and Cat meet Tess at the hospital. Vincent catches a whiff of Liam but it's not good enough for him to follow. JT is being moved by his police escort to a security van.

Tess is waiting in the back to explain to him what just happened in the hospital. Vincent is still looking for clues.

He picks up a suspicious piece of metal and has a vision of the old woman. He immediately calls Cat.

Vincent focuses in on the vision to try and get anymore information on Liam. Finally, arrived at his next safe house, which is a motel room. How glamorous.

Tess surprises JT by revealing that she's going to be staying in the motel room with him. Cat goes to confront the boy who could be patient X. He's packing up his suitcase about to run. The door bursts open as it someone's about to attack but it's only Vincent.

He then senses something's wrong in the boy's room. Liam has planted another bomb.

Luckily for them Vincent noticed it just before Liam could detonate it.

Cat urges Vincent to keep moving but he thinks it's the perfect opportunity to seek out Liam. He gets a read on Liam but he can feel Vincent sensing him.

Cat and Vincent bring Russell down to the police station to ask him further questions on Juliana's serum. He's not a superhuman but he does know a bit about it.

Now that Liam thinks he killed Russell he's coming for Vincent.

Cat calls them to tell them that they need to keep moving. The only information they get out of Russell is that Liam wasn't like the other experiments, he just doesn't know how.

Angry and frustrated, Vincent decided that it's best to go after Liam before he can get to JT. Liam busts into the motel room but they're already gone. From the little things left in the room Liam gets a sense of where they're going.

Turns out Juliana was doing all the experiments because her brother is dying and she wanted to help him get bette. Or it could just be a sob story because Cat falls for the oldest trick in the book.

He pretends to cough and when she goes to help he steals her gun. He thinks he has to help stop Liam, even though he's a lot more fragile than Vincent. So of course, you know he's gonna die.

JT and Tess's new hiding spot is the sewers. He keeps complaining until Tess snaps at him. JT is really more worried that Tess is going to die if she keeps trying to protect him.

She sets him straight, which leads to an adorable 'you still love me' moment. Course that means kisses. As JT asks if they're still together Russell interrupts pointing his stolen gun at them.

Cat and Vincent arrive a few moments behind Liam. He's getting worked up about reaching the others in time. Cat stops him because that kind of attitude is scaring her.

He doesn't listen though. Liam attacks Russell but he's not down for long. He starts firing the gun at Liam, which allows JT and Tess to get away. Liam kills Russell and blows up the evidence.

Vincent and Cat reach the site of the explosion. They find Russell's body, although don't know how anyone could identify a burnt up corpse. But hey.

When Cat sees the hole in Russell's body she realizes why Liam feels so familiar. Liam catches up to JT and Tess. Before he can attack them, Vincent tackles him.

They start to fight. Tess tries to help but she can't find a clean shot. Vincent beasts out.

Surprise, so does Liam. A superhuman beast, now that's a Big Bad. But never fear Cat is here to fire her whole round into Liam's body. He's fine but he also won't attack them for now.

Cat comforts Tess about the fact that there's more beasts than they thought. Tess goes to move JT again.

As he's leaving a drop of blood hits his hand. He's got a bloody nose like Russell had and he was dying. Vincent and Cat have their usual loved-up end of the episode talk.

"Patient X" brings the heat, finally. With Cat and Vincent totally in sink this episode was a constant power couples in action.

JT and Tess's relationship seems to be on the way to mending.

They both obviously care about each other, so hopefully they'll be getting back together soon. And Liam is the big bad we've been waiting for this season. Keep watching on Tuesday nights as 10pm.

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