'Beauty and the Beast' Recap: 'Shotgun Wedding,' Season 3 Episode 8, Here Comes The Bride

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Ring the bells for CW's "Beauty and the Beast."

It's finally here, Cat and Vincent are getting married. But since it's them something is going to go horrible wrong in "Shotgun Wedding," the eighth episode of the third season.

No one's more excited about the upcoming event than Cat and Vincent. Cat though, can't seen to get Juliana's words out of her head. They should be done with the superhuman experiments but she still feels like something's amiss.

In order to keep her from self destructing her own big day, JT and Tess do their best to keep her focused. But they're having problems of their own after Tess ended the relationship.

It's the wedding rehearsal. Tess, Heather and JT seem more nervous about the situation than the bride and groom.

Heather snatched Cat in order to go over more last minute decisions.

Vincent gets an update and the decide that it's better if Cat doesn't know anything. Tess and Vincent plan to go hospital to talk to Juliana while Cat's distracted.

Finally, a name for Mr. Bad #2. It's Liam.

Juliana makes Vincent out to be the only hope to save people from him.

She explains that he tricked her into making him superhuman and that's the reason she's been experimenting. So that someone would have a chance to stand against Liam.

Tess convinces Vincent that there's nothing to worry about right away because all the evidence is circrumstancial. He trusts her judgement so that now he doesn't have to worry at the wedding.

Cat's curiosity finally got the better of her and she tried to check up on Juliana but Heather quickly stops her. Too bad Julian is about to get way from them.

JT decides to confront Tess about why he's been dumped at the rehearsal dinner. So not the right time. Vincent instantly notices that somethings wrong with his two friends.

Tess plays off his worry as being case related. Before he can say more it's time for JT's best man speech. But he's feeling a little jaded so the speech becomes about his and Tess.

Tess gets a text about Juliana's escape and forwards it to Vincent. Still going on his butt hurt rant, Tess tries to signal JT by tapping the side of her class.

Others join in and soon it becomes a call for the bride and groom to kiss. They do but now Heather's worried the jinxed the wedding. Well it probably wasn't going to go smoothly anyway.

JT doesn't think they should trick Cat into thinking nothing's happening because if she does she'll cancel the wedding.

Vincent knows that Cat will kill him if she find out that he's keeping something from her.

Tess and Vincent go to make sure Juliana can't get her hands on her serums and JT goes to look into the international crime database.

Vincent calls Heather to warn her that Cat shouldn't go near her phone. She agrees but she's obviously nervous about getting through it. Vincent confronts Tess about the break up. She doesn't want to talk about it because it's something for JT to figure out on his own.

In the precinct Juliana is starting up a new serum. Shots are fired but she gets away. Precinct wide call goes out and Heather's too asleep to keep Cat from her phone. Why didn't she just turn the sound off?

JT's got a crime board going of all people who did suspicious things. Vincent decides that he need to tell Cat because there are too many factors at play.

JT talks him out of it. Man, their friends want them to get married more than they do it. Vincent goes to beast track Juliana and tells JT to get the tranq gun ready.

Tess is playing dumb with the chief but he's not buying it. JT calls to say that he's got a few suspects. He continues on to say the right thing about being there for Tess.

Heather than class, worried about where Cat is. She's at the station, ready to work. Tess comes clean about the secret so that Cat will realize that her wedding is more important right now.

Cat gets in the wedding limo alone, and Juliana get in with her. Vincent is having a hard time to find Juliana. But a phone call to JT makes him realize that she's probably with Cat.

Juliana and Cat battle it out in the back of the limo. Vincent gets there just in time for Cat not to put her back in a coma. Upset, Cat stalks off. So, guess the wedding's off.

Everyone's ready for the wedding. JT ties Juliana up to the radar. He's focused on getting through the wedding. So much so, that he tranqs Juliana.

Vincent is rushing after Cat, trying to apologize. He's throwing a lot of emotion behind this apology. Cat's swayed by his sweet words. Heather and JT are about to tell the wedding off when they arrive.

The weddings finally starting. Tess tells JT that they found a Liam. That while he was in London he just got to JFK. Cue to trench-coat, dark haired mystery man on top of a building. I guess we've officially got a face for Liam. Hope, he's harder to catch than Juliana. Exactly the person Liam just located.

JT forgot the rings which puts right back into the room with Juliana who begs him to let her go. He refuses and threatens to shot her again. As Cat's walking down the aisle all the police officers get a mass text.

A scream from Juliana sends Vincent and Cat rushing to her. She's already dead. Liam comes out of the shadows and demonstrates his strength by beating Vincent up.

Vincent is getting patched up by the paramedic. Cat has apparently disappeared. JT tells Vincent to give her some space. He's feeling guilty because he missed all the warnings. JT tries to take the blame from him but Vincent won't let him.

Wedding's off until everything is sorted out. So they're never getting married. Tess is getting a yelled at by the chief. She's on very thin ice. Thanks to some prodding by Heather, JT lets Tess know he's there and caring.

When Vincent finds Cat, she's not angry at all. He apologizes anyway. She accepts.

They're both seeing eye to eye about putting the wedding on hold but not for the same reasons. Vincent for one is the one pushing to go after Liam.

Cat doesn't want to go after Liam because he's not after them. Then quits the superhuman business.

"Shotgun Wedding," was a sweet episode. It's nice to see that all the struggle from the beginning of the season and the show has lead to this moment between Cat and Vincent.

Can't understand though, why "Beauty and the Beast" keeps making Cat out as overreacting to each situation when she's proved right.

Understandably, she never goes about it the right way and has a one track mind but she is always on the right track. Catch up on the season and tune in on Thursday at 8pm for more.

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