'Beauty and The Beast' Recap: 'Both Sides Now,' Season 3 episode 7, Big Bad Revealed?

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This week, CW's "Beauty and the Beast" is finally getting some questions answered.

"Both Sides Now" digs into the motivation behind Cat's need to elope and Vincent's desire for a big wedding, while also revealing the Big Bad in the seventh episode of the third season.

When an unstoppable assassin hunts down Cat and Vincent, they attempt to lure him out of town and away from their loved ones with the ruse that they plan to elope.

Meanwhile, tired of being under police protection, JT asks Tess to help him track down a lead while a distracted Heather attempts to focus at her new job.

Cat and Vincent are on the run. From who or what, they're not so certain but it knows who they are. They try to even the playing field by sneaking into the hospital in order to look into their potential lead.

Which is funny because the guy chasing them just wander in. Instead of informing their friends, who are already mostly in the know about the experiments, Cat decides that they should get out of town under the guise of eloping.

Vincent is not happy but has no choice when the attacker, literally, bursts into the room. He's in effected by Cat's gun but retreats into the night anyway.

Vincent is still unhappy about eloping being the only plausible way to get the assassin out on their own terms. He wants a wedding surrounded by friends and family. Cat's perfectly okay with eloping. They could elope and still come back and have the real wedding, people do it all the time.

They head off to Niagara Falls. Tess is freaking out with the Chief breathing down her neck about the extra police.

JT isn't helping by using her clearance to track down the labs. She doesn't feel like he's paying attention to her needs.

Heather is in the middle of a job interview but is being interrupted by repeated calls from JT and the police guarding her. The assassin walks in as she's ranting to Cat's voicemail.

It seems like he's going to attack her but the head of the company walks out.

Instead he goes to their apartment. He seems to know it's a trap but since he's not trying to kill them he's going after them anyway.

In line for the marriage, Cat decides that they should allow the assassin to capture them. She thinks that while they know everything he's capable, they don't know what Vincent is capable of. Tess finally has everything in line when she hears that Heather has sent her guards away.

She did it to prove that she's a good hire to her new boss.

Too bad her new boss is the resident bad guy and now has Heather at her disposal. JT has caught onto Cat and Vincent's plan of eloping and finally talks Vincent into pulling out of the elopement.

Cat is angry with Vincent for ruining the plan and Vincent is upset with her for not understanding. He wants their wedding to be like the magic his parents were always talking about. Truthfully, pulling out and wanting more is just as convincing.

Vincent looks away for a moment and Hottie McAssassin snatches her. He threatens Vincent into coming with him.

Tess has JT detained because she's frustrated with everyone screwing her over. JT is only concentrating on the beast portion right now and is throwing a wrench into their relationship.

Vincent and Cat finally come face to face with the big bad, Juliana. Vincent attempts to go beast but he's immediately shot with tranquilizers. Juliana reveals a beaten up Heather, the reason she already knew about Vincent's beast.

Juliana is convinced that Cat and Vincent are working for someone else. It seems she has someone in mind, no name just the continual reference of "He." JT has snuck into the lab undetected, again that seems way to easy for a place that's been doing illegal experiments.

JT makes a concoction to wake and boost Vincent.

He shoots Vincent with a needle gun that was just laying around. He takes on Hottie Assassin and Cat goes after Juliana. Now Cat is a good fighter, but you'd think a lady that was afraid of a mysterious He and was making enhanced people as protection would have other tricks up her sleeve.

But no, she goes down with a few punches.

Angry, Cat keeps going even when Juliana's stopped fighting. Heather stops her from killing her but Juliana is definitely out of commission which is the opposite you want when she's announced a possible new baddie.

Cat and Vincent tell Tess about JT's heroics but she's not still not amused. She heads over to JT's apartment. He's cocky at first but she starts to pack up all of her things around his apartment. JT tries to apologize.

Tess rejects it because he hasn't been putting her emotional needs over his need to help Vincent. It seems that they're not together anymore. Cat finally sees Vincent's point an a "magical" wedding. And another episode ends in romance.

"Both Sides Now" was very anticlimactic. The past episodes have all been about finding the person behind the experiments. For a "big bad" Juliana goes down way to easy.

Even Bob and Carol were tougher to get rid of than her. It just seems like a waste considering that the season isn't even half way over.

Hopefully, the scary "He" she was talking about will be harder to take down. See if the next episode ramps it back up on Thursday at 8pm.

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