'Beauty and the Beast' Recap: 'The Heart of the Matter' Season 3 Episode 4, Love and Murder

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In CW's "Beauty and the Beast," the bickering is getting to be too much.

Catherine and Vincent will have to get to "The Heart of the Matter" in order to work as a unit again in the fourth episode of season three.

When a mysterious suicide happens, Cat believes that it is actually a murder. She begins to suspect the wealthy transplant owner who benefited from the death. Vincent does not believe Cat's theory and they end up going their separate ways only to wind up looking in the same spots.

They decide that couples therapy would be good for them. Tess is starting her job as Captain. J.T. continues to looks into his new healing abilities and connections to the mystery experiments.

Cat and Vincent sit down before a counselor. Cat can't seem to get the case out of her mind though and Vincent gets offended.

The counselor asks them to start from the beginning. But since their first meeting, Vincent was in full primal mode they opt to go forward.

Cat walks through the police office as she's talking to Vincent on the phone. She's telling him about how she doesn't believe the recent suicide was just suicide.

He doesn't believe and Cat distracts him by asking if he wants to go on a date night. She enters Tess's office to try and get the new captain to rule it as a murder.

Date night turns out not to be date night but case night. Cat goes up to Altman, despite Vincent telling her that it isn't a good idea. Altman says that he doesn't know who the donor was.

He has some troubles breathing when Cat tells him that she was murdered. Vincent tries again to get her to stop but she's too determined. Altman confesses that he did look into other of his rare blood type.

Altman's still shocked and falls out of his chair due to a heart attack. The counselor asks what Vincent meant about how Cat keeps having to save him. They decide to skip that as well, again because of Vincent's primal side.

He changes the subject to how Cat feels about Vincent saying that they're only together because of the cases. She admits it hurt because she thinks they work well together. The counselor decides they should continue on.

Vincent rushes Altman to the hospital and gets him prepped for his transplant. His wife comes up to Vincent to threaten to sue the police and hospital if Altman doesn't make it.

Cat comes to Vincent about her theory for Altman, his donor had been sickly until she went through experimental treatments. Vincent tells her he feels like all there do is solve cases.

J.T.'s experimental fall down the stairs turned out to be a success. He's talking to Heather about it when Vincent calls to tell him not slow down the blood results. Cat then calls about the blood and J.T. lets it slip that Vincent called him first. Then Tess calls looking for Cat.

It's a funny scene as J.T. messes up all the calls. He gets frustrated and hangs up.

Cat and Vincent literally run into each other. They're almost about to begin fighting again but the alarm starts going off. Some one's stolen the heart.

The counselor thinks there situation is unique and that they have to find the underlining problem but he needs to know more. He points out that they're lives are very intertwined with each other.

Cat's got proof now that the heart is of want. Because of conflicting goals, they decide to split up.

Vincent gets stopped by the Altman's wife. She starts telling him a sob story about how long they've been together for a long time. She ends it, though, with a comment about Altman giving his company away.

Cat talks to Tess about her and Vincent separating. She's sympathetic but really wants Cat to find the heart before anything bad happens. Cat goes sneaking around a building she thinks the heart may be.

She finds someone sneaking around, it's Vincent. He tracked the heart to the building but he's having trouble pinning the scent. He says there's blood everywhere. Apparently, because the thief's body is in the dumpster.

Cat calls J.T. about the blood sample. Turns out that April's heart was super charged.

And while it might have healed her sickness, it was overloading her brain driving her to drill the hole in her head. Same thing would happen to Altman should he receive the heart.

J.T. confesses that he's been working on a cure for himself that he'd use on the heart to make it safe.

Vincent calls Cat over to where he's been trying to find the heart's scent. Straight into a butcher's factory. That the reason all Vincent can smell is blood.

They search the factory and find the heart in the back of a walk in freezer. Looks like a trap than it's obviously a trap. Someone slams the door, locking them in.

The counselor brings up co-dependancy. They rely on each other too much, always being drawn back when they try to separate. He tells them it's nothing to worry about as long as they don't loose their separate selves.

Back in the freezer, Cat is pushing Vincent to go full beast so they can get out. He worries about Cat being tired of talking him down.

She snaps that she rather not freeze instead but is happy he considered her feelings. They trade words of love before Vincent goes beast and knocks the door down.

J.T. has the heart. His cure has worked. They can finally help all the other victims.Vincent rushes the heart to the hospital. Cat apologizes to Ms. Altman for targeting her husband, it seems she'll forgive her as long as Mr.

Altman survives. The events of the case make them realize that they should go to counseling. In another room, Ms.

Altman yells at her minion for not keeping the heart away. Knew it was the wife, especially with him giving away all her money.

On the way back from their session, Vincent and Cat are in good spirits. They know that what the problem is. Cat admits that she's still thinking about the case, how they pieces don't all line up.

She calls the counselor to confirm what she already knew. If co-dependency isn't corrected they have been known to kill their spouses. Cat pulls a U-turn to rush back to the hospital.

They can't find Ms. Altman because she's in the basement turning all of the power off. Cat sends Vincent into Mr.

Altman's surgery while she goes looking for his wife. Cat, of course, beats the shit out of the thief while Vincent successfully uses his night vision to finish the surgery. Ms. Altman gets away.

Tess catches Ms. Altman at the airport about to get on a plane far away. She tells Cat that they're not partners anymore and that she can't cover for her anymore. Understandably, Cat gets it and leaves her with partning advice to talk to J.T. Vincent is talking to Altman, who is confused about what his wife has done.

Vincent thanks him because the case lead them to fix the similar problem in their relationship. Tess talks to J.T. who's upset because the anti-dote that he made isn't working on him.

Tess promises to be there for him, no matter what. At home, Cat is getting a little paranoid about Bob and Carol. No worries, Vincent remedies it with sex.

"The Heart of the Matter" explores the relationship between Vincent and Cat and how their dynamic has grown, changed, and strengthened over the season's. "Beauty and the Beast" is always going to be about their relationship with a bunch of mystery surrounding that. This episode reminded viewers and Cat and Vincent of this.

The pull between wanting to find more about the experiments and wanting to lead a normal life was getting too strong.

The only way the relationship can survive is a happy medium. Go behind the seasons for more content on the CW's "Beauty and the Beast" main page.

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