'Beauty and the Beast' Recap: 'Bob & Carol & Vincent & Cat' Season 3 Episode 3, Double Date, Anyone?

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The CW's 'Beauty and the Beast' isn't done testing Cat and Vincent's relationship. In "Bob & Carol & Vincent & Cat" the third episode of the third season, Cat's life is on the line.

The case Agent Thomas set Cat and Vincent's team on is being taken over by FBI agents. The agents themselves happen to be married and influence Cat and Vincent's relationship, as they get close to the agents in order to keep tabs on them. After the reveal that the medicine J.T. was injected with is for stabling and enhancing the human experiments. Reasonably, J.T. comes to the conclusion that he's starting to gain extra abilities. Tess is serious about her bid for the captain position. Heather's back, single, and focusing on her sister's life. More importantly, she can take over the planning for Cat's wedding. Which is pretty helpful when your life's being targeted.

It's a romantic dinner night in the Cat and Vincent household. There hasn't been time for the two of them to be one on one with each other.

While setting up, Tess calls Cat to update her on what she's found on Agent Thomas' killer.

It's just the confirmation that it was a superhuman and they don't want them to know whatever Thomas knows. Vincent gets home and the hot and they stary to get hot and heavy when Vincent falls asleep.

The next day, Cat confides in Tess that she feels like they've become an old marry coupled. And for two people constantly in life dangerous situations, there isn't really anything wrong with hum-drum life.

Tess, the voice of reason, reminds her that they both have work intensive jobs. At work Cat gets shocking news that she and Tess are off the case.

Heather goes to Cat's house to talk about wedding things and wakes Vincent who's still been sleeping on the couch. She notices that there's something bothering him and tries to get him to open up.

She starts talking wedding and Vincent immediately recoils. No worries, Heather's got the perfect solution. Why not plan any of it?

At the police department, Cat and Tess are introduced to Bob and Carol. They aren't taking kindly that they're coming in on their territory.

Cat let's in slip that there's more than they know about but doesn't go any further.

Upset at being shot down, Cat storms out. Before leaving the captain warns Tess against any bad choices because she has a real shot at the position.

Feeling bad, Vincent has set up a lovely dinner on the roof. The two finally talk about how busy they've been and that they have to make more time for each other.

Vincent asks about the case and Cat tells him about the Agents.

Vincent comes back with Heather's offer to let them have her wedding date and choices.

Cat's just beginning to agree when Vincent hears a gun click and pushes her down as a bullet hits the wine bottle (what would've been her head.)

Cat pries a bullet out of the wall as Vincent goes to see if he can find where the shooter came from. He returns with no leads. Cat takes this as a good sign, Vincent doesn't share the same sentiment.

They end up going to Vincent's apartment to hide out. Cat reveals that she wants to marry Vincent and she will take Heather's offer.

J.T., convinced he has powers, begins to do what all people who think they have powers do. Start with mind control and work your way down the list. Tess comes to drop off the bullet.

J.T. lies to her and tells her he doesn't think he has powers anymore. She discovers he's lying almost immediately, at least hide your research.

With the results of the bullet back from J.T., Cat wants to jump right on it and search Agent Thomas hospital room. Although, he's against it at first, the big puppy dog eyes convince him otherwise. In the hospital room they find a hole, that upon further inspection leads Vincent to find the same hole in the blinds and window.

The shooter was outside, yea kind of obviously. Then just as Vincent predicted Agents Carol and Bob bursts in on them. They might suddenly have more time for each other.

Agent Carol and Bob start to interrogate the two. There stories start to clash making Carol suspicious. She asks them if they're married, cause you know they're fighting like an old married couple.

They reveal that they've been married for six years. Connection blooms.

They agree to work together under the agreement that all information is shared. They look over the built trajectory and find out that the easiest place was an apartment where drug criminal,, pin.

Carol and Cat go to find answers by going undercover as call girls to get close to him. Vincent and Bob stay on surveillance in J.T.'s apartment, who is surprised to see them. Cat and Carol kick ass and take the information center.

Vincent and Bob swap wedding advice. Cat and Carol only have ninety percent of the flash drive downloaded when the alarm starts going off.

Carol does a good job keeping the security team at bay and then Cat steps in to finish them off. Oh man, I like them as a team.

Bob and Carol allow Vincent and Cat to take the flash drive because they have clearly seen through the fact that they're still keeping information (superhumans) to themselves. J.T. starts to work on the flash drive when a bullet flies through his window to drill into his hand. It's like a slap on the hand when someone's reaching for something they shouldn't be.

Fortunately, J.T. is going to be just fine, only going to take a while to heal. Too bad he doesn't have superhuman abilities or anything. Bob and Carol tell Cat that they're office had been ransacked.

Cat thinks it's a good idea to tell them the whole truth. Cat and Vincent go home only to be bombarded by Heather who wants to do some wedding planning.

Cat tells her she wants a simple and it hits Heather that it's not really her wedding anymore. She leaves in tears.

When she's gone, Vincent tells Cat that he has a gut feeling that they shouldn't tell Bob and Carol everything they know. At the same time, Tess is examining the bullet for J.T. while complaining that she hasn't been able to put in her bid for captain yet. She's also worried that if the superhuman element comes to life than she'll lose her job.

J.T. finds out that a certain dent in all the bullets means that there are two shooters, like a couple of shooters. Cat finds out that there are no Agent Bob and Carol in the DEA. Flash to super-spies appearing out of the water to plant bombs on the bottom of the boat house.

They're bummed about possibly killing some likable people, but not too bummed. Cat and Vincent work out that Bob and Carol see things in slower motion, allowing them to predict and compensate others' movements.

There's a knock on the door, Vincent tucks a knife into his jeans before opening the door.

Both couples are awkward as they stand on opposite sides of the island counter. Way to pretend that no one knows something's up. Cat makes up a horribly conceived excuse to get to talk to Vincent. Carol and Bob corner them and finally come clean, they've been doing everything they can to derail them.

Carol and Bob try to leave, cause you know there's a bomb and a fight ensues. Vincent was right about their abilities and they get their asses kicked until Cat tells Vincent to go beast.

Time's up though, Bob and Carol flee and Vincent hears the last few dings of the bomb. They jump into the water just in time. Bye-Bye boat house.

As the flames continue, Cat stands watch as Vincent makes sure that Bob and Carol are gone. They decide that they shouldn't go forward with those wedding plans because it's not what they want.

Cat goes to leave as the sirens come but not before making an obvious statement about the captain job. It went to Tess because Cat gave her the tip on how to put away a major mobster.

She calls J.T. to share the good news. When she asks if he's okay to go out to celebrate he reveals that he doesn't feel any pain. Tess makes a joke that his power is healing, which isn't as much of a joke when he unwraps the bandage to see that that's probably correct.

Cat and Heather stroll down the sidewalk having a lovely chat and being watched by our resident assassins. Just as Bob is about to take the shot, Carol stops him. They need Cat to capture Vincent, now.

"Bob & Carol & Vincent & Cat," was "Beauty and the Beast." From Cat and Vincent trying to protect the FBI agents to the suddenly constant threat on Cat's life, the holes of their relationship keep getting poked, only to be patched stronger than before. J.T. and Tess's faith in each other is going strong as they each go through big life changes. The events and mysteries of this season are evolving nicely, giving high hopes for next week's episode. Check out more on CW's "Beauty and the Beast" main page.

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