'Beauty and the Beast' Recap: 'Chasing Ghosts,' Season 3 episode 6, The Past Comes Back

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Last week on CW's "Beauty and the Beast," we saw the heartbreaking conclusion of Bob and Carol.

But when one head's caught off another takes its place. Vincent and Cat will have a new enemy in "Chasing Ghosts," the sixth episode of the third season.

The wedding is nearing. JT makes plans for throwing Vincent a bachelor party. Cat's family shows up for her bridal shower.

Except for her father, who Cat goes to see in need of help. Too bad, there's another sniper out for Cat and Vincent because the keep looking into the super-human experiments.

Cat and Vincent are looking at churches but they can't agree on one. The discussion turns into Cat's worry over someone coming to look for Bob and Carol.

Heather comes in, breaking the silence. Heather reminds Cat that their mother's sisters are coming for her bridal shower. Cat doesn't look to happy about that.

Vincent catches up to Cat who's regretting Heather planning the wedding. Vincent is also having family troubles. He never reconnected with his family and Cat's trying to talk him into talking to them again.

Turns out he doesn't have to look for them because JT got ahold of them. It was a surprise. Hank is introducing who they but Vincent is less than happy.

Cat, despite having the day off, returns to the police station to check on Carol's case. She doesn't feel comfortably not knowing anything.

Heather calls her because Cat didn't show up to pick up their aunts. Tess covers for Cat and says she has a case. She then gives Cat an hour to find as much as he can.

Vincent is starting the bachelors party. He's in the middle of a story from his past. Unfortunately, it seems his cousin doesn't recall the moment.

The incident is forgotten when a police woman comes in asking for Vincent. He freaks a little that some thing is wrong with Cat.

But nope, it's just a stripper. The lap dance is thankfully cut short by the sounds of gun shots.

Vincent and JT rushes out towards the sounds fight, Hank and his cousins follow him. The shooter is on a fire escape just randomly shooting into the crowd. Vincent tells his cousins to stand back.

Of course Hank doesn't. He rushes after Vincent and gets shot in the leg. Vincent fights with the superhuman. The super becomes more sluggish in his movement until it's very easy to take him out.

Hank is going to make a full recovery but Vincent is feeling guilty about them being there. Cat apologizes for not telling him that she knew his family was coming. Cat freaks out about how close to home the incident is.

She wants to look deeper into it. Tess and Vincent confront her about avoiding her aunts. To which she quickly denies.

JT has some break though with the blood. Turns out the super powered human isn't super anymore.

It was just a parasite, like a cold. Cat and Vincent want to promptly look into it but JT and Tess refuse to let them. They've both got some family issues to deal with.

Cat calls Heather because she's too nervous to go in. Heather doesn't stall for her anymore and open the door wide. Her aunt faints because Cat looks very much like her mother.

Vincent goes to see Hank. They have a meaningful discussion, Vincent apologizes for losing touch. Hank tells him that Vincent is a hero for his time in the war. And he is going to be a hero too.

Cat can't hold it in.

Her aunts are slowly angering her by reminding her of all the things that she didn't get to learn. Just as she's about to burst Vincent calls to tell her that the virus that JT warned about is currently spreading.

Tess and Cat are trying to figure out why the outbreaks are happening. Cat doesn't believe that they would just randomly release the virus.

They wouldn't want the world to know about their illegal experiments. So that only leaves the option that it's whoever is doing the experiments.

In his lab, JT trying to find more about the virus. Vincent comes in and tells JT that he agrees with Cat. All these things are happening too close to home.

They they are looking for Vincent. JT back that theory up because the virus is made from the strain that made Vincent. He tells Cat the new information and tells her that they should go talk to her father.

Her father seems confused that someone could have access to it. The only advice her father had for them was that Vincent should track them by scent all the way back to the source.

Because they are blood. Seems like camaraderie is a big theme this episode.

Cat wants to come with Vincent to scent out the source. He refuses. He thinks that she should have time with her family. She goes but she doesn't party.

Cat is washing the dishes and Tess can't try to persuade her otherwise. Heather starts to make a toast to her but she also starts to talk about their mother.

Cat blows and starts yelling at Heather in front of the whole party. She says how much she's happy her mother isn't alive anymore. When she finishes, Cat storms out.

Cat is wallowing in a cafe when Tess finds her. She feels guilty about yelling at Heather.

Tess does her best to comfort Cat and get her to return to the party. There's a reason why they should separate work from home.

The vast acting virus does not improves on the portobeast. They realize that JT has the same blood running through their systems.

Vincent looks extremely happy to have a blood brother. Hank rolls up and revealed that he wanted to use Vincent is her campaign. Vincent tell them that they aren't family and to leave.

Cat and Tess figure out that the virus is being spread through mail.

It's a good first step but they can't know what route it is being taken in. Vincent comes in, conveniently, to tell Cat that he can find them through the power of smell.

Vincent tracks down the package just as someone's about to hand it off to a person on a motor bike. Cat drives after him when he tries to get away. The chase leads to the top of a parking garage. Vincent and Cat finally corner him.

They tell him he's infested but he doesn't believe them. He's got a camera on his helmet and Cat and Vincent have been revealed to the enemy.

High off the protobeakst virus he believes he can fly and drives the motor cycle off the roof. Of course, he dies.

Cat finally looks in the box her father left her. There's a video tape inside that features her mother. Her mother tries to explain her side of the story.

She apologizes for everything going wrong. The mother gets a call from Cat calling her out on the night she died. The video ends and Cat turns around to see Heather. They hug and have a good cry.

Vincent finds Cat in the church from the beginning. She admits that she's no longer angry at her mom but it was easier to be mad than sad. He asks her if she's ready to get married.

Before she can answer smoke bombs start flying through the windows. Vincent and Cat get out but they're being followed by a specter.

"Beauty and the Beast" wouldn't be the show it is if Cat and Vincent's lives were not in danger. With a new threat present, it's sure to point to how close they're getting into figuring out the super-human experiments.

"Chasing Ghosts" continues to improve on the current formula of action, drama, and suspense. Catch the next episode Thursday night at 8pm.

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