'Arrow' Recap: 'Monument Point' Season 4 Episode 21, Felicity's

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Damien Darhk is coming dangerously close to destruction in CWTV's Arrow. In "Monuments Point," episode 21 of season three, Felicity has to turn to an unlikely ally for help.

Damien Darhk plans on making a move that could devastate the city and the world for that matter. The team tries to figure out what their next move would be and Felicity realizes she will need to tap the assistance of Noah "Calculator" Kuttler, who happens to also be her father.

Lyla, Diggle, Felicity, Thea and Oliver have the odds stacked against them.

At some point during Noah's assistance, he and Oliver have a chat that shakes Oliver to his core.

Will Noah be able to help the team or will he cause more damage? How will Darhk's actions affect team Arrow and Star City?

The action began at a missile attack warning center in Russia. The Russian officials seemed terrified after finding out that Rubicon has control over all of their systems.

Back at the lair Oliver wants to know how much time they have but Lyla says this is way over their head.

They have a matter of hours and Oliver says Felicity could unarm it however, Felicity volunteers her father because he is much better suited for the job.

Oliver tells Felicity to get in touch with Thea because they need her. He pulls Diggle aside to find out how he is doing and convince him to let Noah help them.

Oliver says that Fortuna told him one of the chambers Darkh needs exists in the city.

In a flashback Oliver and Taiana are trying to find a way to help the people escape Reiter. In present day, Malcolm greets Thea in the odd prison.

Malcolm says he is not doing this for a prosthetic, he is doing this to keep her safe.

Malcolm says Alex's conditioning wasn't his idea it was Ruve's. Malcolm tells Thea about Genesis and the idea of clearing the world so that they could rebuild.

Malcolm says the world is insane and beyond saving. He says it needs a do-over, a reset. He was only thinking about himself and his daughter.

Thea calls him crazy and says she wants to see Alex and that he is okay. Thea says she knows she is stuck there and in order for her to cooperate, she wants to see Alex.

Back at the loft, Lane visits Donna who shows him the paperwork for his suspension. Donna says that the paperwork says he didn't know Laurel was the Black Canary. She tells Lance that what is on the paper is a lie. Lance says it is a complicated lie. He says he was protecting Laurel.

Donna says that they are asking him to lie. Lance says all he wanted to do was protect the city.

Lance says he is not Noah. Donna tells Lance that she loves him and she has faith that he will do the right thing.

Elsewhere, Darhk is asking Murmur and Brick for a favor. Darhk says they will be glad when the world is sitting under fields of mushroom clouds. Darhk asks them if anyone of them knows about Noah.

Meanwhile, Felicity is helping Oliver and Diggle track Noah, however, he is nowhere in sight. They watch surveillance on Brick and Murmur trying to get to Noah. The miss him but their aim is to kill him.

In Thea's safe-haven, Anarchy has arrived and he is looking for Damien Darhk. Diggle and Oliver return to Felicity who is scrambled but trying to get a hold on Noah.

Felicity gives them a possible location for Darhk in the meantime.

In a flashback, a fighter tells Oliver and Taiana that Reiter is alive. Oliver tells Taiana to get the people home as he will try to take on Reiter on his own. In present day, Donna tells Lance she is going to see Felicity.

When Donna asks if he is going to sign the paper, he tells her yes.

He asks her to read it and she is proud of him when she reads that he admitted to knowing Laurel was the black Canary. Donna says that Lance is doing the right thing.

Felicity meets with Dennis who says he has been busy running her company. Felicity tells him that what is on her plate right now is much more important. Donna walks in and Felicity asks her to stay.

Dennis tells Felicity that whatever is so important, he hopes it is worth it.

He leaves and Donna approaches Felicity who asks her if she remembers Ravensword. Felicity finds out that it was a cabin where she may have been conceived.

Elsewhere, Diggle and Oliver are trying to talk about Diggle killing Andy. Oliver says he is worried because Diggle is better at him than life. He asks Diggle not to lie to his wife about killing Andy in self-defense.

Felicity calls and tells them that Noah is at a cabin in Cyprus Cove. At the cabin, Noah is fighting and running for his life from Murmur, Brick and the group of ghosts.

They catch up with Noah and Noah tells them that he would like to play a game in exchange for his freedom. Before the game could begin, Arrow and Spartan come in and take out Brick, Murmur and the ghosts.

Noah escapes and Felicity is there to pick him up. She tells them that she has Noah and Oliver tells Diggle it's time to take off.

Felicity brings Noah to the loft asking him to help her save the world. Felicity says Damien Darhk believes Noah can stop him and that they have 12 hours to stop Rubicon. Noah agrees to help and says he is not a monster.

Noah does ask for something in return. He asks for the quantum subliminal processor that she created at Palmer Industries.

When Felicity arrives at Palmer, Dennis tells her that the board voted to terminate her effective immediately. Dennis also does not allow her to leave without taking anything from the company. Thea runs up to Alex who seems brainwashed by Ruve's idea of starting over.

Thea tries to appeal to him and tells him they have to get out of there.

Malcolm tells Thea that Alex can go with her to take out Lonnie/Anarchy. Malcolm says they need Thea to put Anarchy back in the box or they are all dead.

Felicity returns to the lair with bad news and she is furious. Oliver, Diggle and Felicity come up with a plan to help Noah steal the processor from Palmer. They begin carrying out the plan where Noah and Felicity actually have to work together.

Felicity says it is not a father-daughter bonding experience. Noah tries to appeal to Felicity but she shuts it down.

Diggle gives them the signal to get out of the elevator and Felicity says this is not the time for Noah to try to get to her. Noah actually helps Felicity when she realizes she is locked out. They open the chamber and try to grab the processor as Oliver fights off security.

Noah decides to copy the processor's code but it's tight and security is close by. They manage to escape and Lance is there to pick them up.

Noah was only able to clone 90 percent of the processor. Felicity will have to help him try and decipher the other 10 percent.

In a flashback, Oliver meets up with Reiter who tells him that his power has grown beyond Oliver's imagination. Reiter begins beating Oliver pretty badly and pulls a knife from him to turn it on Oliver.

Thea and Malcolm are looking for Anarchy who is collecting ghosts. Anarchy tries to turn the knob and kill everyone, however, Thea comes in and stops him.

He wants to know what she is doing there and Thea tries to reason with Anarchy and vows to help him take down Darhk.

Before she could do anymore, Malcolm sends an Arrow over to Anarchy. He escapes and Malcolm tells Thea that Anarchy was going to blow the place anyway.

Noah is working and the Green Arrow is watching over him. They have a hear-to-heart as Noah asks the Arrow for advice.

Arrow says Noah lied to her and that's why he lost her.

Noah feels like Arrow is speaking from experience. Just then something goes wrong and Noah notices a tapeworm in the system that gives them a lot less time to try and stop Rubicon.

Felicity returns and Arrow tells her that they have a limited amount of time before H.I.V.E. gets to them. Lyla sends her A.R.G.U.S. men to establish a perimeter. In a flashback, Oliver is saved by Taiana and takes down Reiter with a gun for the moment. Taiana grabs the idol and they rush to escape.

Thea goes outside to greet Alex but he has been taken out by Anarchy. Anarchy says that Alex is fine, just taking a little nap.

Anarchy tells Thea that she can make her own decisions because she is not a pawn, she is a queen.

Arrow, Diggle and Lyla's men prepare to take on H.I.V.E. and get into a heated gun battle. Meanwhile, Thea and Anarchy are engaging in a fight of their own.

Thea tells Alex to get out of there when he is set loose. However, Anarchy gets to him and electrocutes him. She rushes to take out Anarchy and then checks Alex's pulse but it's too late for him.

The gunfight is still going on outside the lair and Diggle is chasing Murmur as Arrow takes on Brick. Felicity and Noah are working together to figure out a way pass the encryption on the device.

Lyla watches Diggle's back. Murmur gets inside and shoots at Felicity and Noah. He catches Noah and Arrow and Diggle arrive too late as a missile has been launched for Russia, heading straight to Monument Point.

Diggle tries to attend to Noah who is still helping Felicity override the system and stop the missile from Russia. Lyla calls in to the president so that they can evacuate Monument Point.

Arrow and Diggle realize that Darhk could be hiding underneath city hall.

In a flashback, Taiana stops and she becomes overtaken by the idol. In present day, Felicity and Noah are trying to figure out how to stop the missile and Felicity realizes she needs to relocate Monument Point.

She does but it hits Havensrock and there are tens of thousands lost. Lyla says Monument Point would have been a couple million, trying to make her feel better.

Oliver and Diggle find the secret door to what could be Darhk's hiding place. They venture into the tunnel to find Darhk channeling souls.

"Monuments Point" is one of the most suspenseful episode of CWTV's Arrow to date. It has all of the making of an apocalyptic film but is nothing but stress for team Arrow.

Fans who want more Arrow extras can head over to The CW to find out updates as season four continues to progress.

Photos that sum up tonights episode.

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