'Arrow' Recap: 'Genesis' Season 4 Episode 20, Felicity Returns to Team Arrow

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In this episode of CWTV's Arrow Felicity rejoins team Arrow after their friend Laurel dies. In "Genesis" the team picks up the pieces and sets out on the ultimate task of figuring out how they can take out Damien Darhk.

Oddly enough Oliver and Diggle still hasn't gotten past the fact that he let his brother back into his life and trusted him.

With his anger after Laurel's death, Diggle takes off on his personal mission to locate and confront Andy about his betrayal.

Thea has a chance to get away with Alex but things go very south and it turns into a hellish vacation.

It's all pretty crazy as Diggle tries to go on his crusade. Lyla tells him that Oliver is right and he doesn't need to go on it alone because H.I.V.E. is too dangerous.

Felicity visits Oliver at the lair where he was living. He is getting ready to leave after he got the tip on a mystical power.

Oliver says he will do anything to avenge Laurel. Felicity volunteers to go with him and Oliver can't talk her out of it.

Diggle runs into an innocent man while he storms he old H.I.V.E. facility.

Andy ambushes him and begins shooting at him. He mocks Diggle and the fact that Laurel is dead during their shootout. Diggle loses him as Andy takes off running.

Diggle is still chasing after Diggle when he gets a call from Lyla who tells him the satellite picked Andy up. He tells Lyla that he is already engaged in a shootout with Andy and asks Lyla to get A.R.G.U.S. there as fast as possible. She says his judgement is compromised, however, Diggle says it doesn't meant he is wrong.

Oliver and Felicity are at a casino waiting for Constantine. Felicity decides to engage in a little gambling.

Elsewhere, Thea wakes up alone and calls out for Alex but all she hears is a noise. She wanders around calling for Alex and when she heads downstairs, she sees Alex preparing breakfast.

Alex tells her she passed out five minutes after they left the city. Alex says he is not just a cutthroat operative.

They seem very happy and cozy on their vacation.

Felicity is raking in the dough at the casino when they come across a woman who is having worst luck at their table.

Oliver says the guy Constantine sent is a no-show, however, the woman says that's because he isn't a woman.

Diggle is one step off and gets beat by Andy. Andy knocks him out and says he will explain it all when Diggle wakes up.

Diggle wakes up as a captive and Andy tells him that Darhk is on the way.

Andy says he is supposed to prep him and Diggle tries to tell him that Darhk is not a savior. Andy taunts Diggle by mentioning his daughter and Diggle tells him to keep his daughter out of his mouth.

Andy says he left his wife and and child out of his life and that his family H.I.V.E., he then stabs Diggle. Meanwhile, Felicity and Oliver ask why their Shaman is hiding out in a casino. She leads them to a whole no place.

The Shaman reveals that she knows Darhk and tries to stay out of the affairs of men. She shows them a similar idol as the one Darhk has. She reveals that the more he kills, the more powerful he gets.

Darhk draws his power from fear and death, the opposite of life. She tells Oliver that he needs to learn to channel the darkness inside of him.

However, he cannot let the darkness overpower the light or else, he will make Darhk even more powerful.

Thea can't get a signal on her vacation and she says it's too quiet. She says something doesn't feel right and Alex begins to feel strange about it.

Thea tells him that she feels like everything is on a loop and Alex tells her it's just her trying to fight the vacation. He urges her to let it all go and enjoy the vacation.

Andy takes Diggle down from his holding and Diggle goes on the attack.

He takes out ghosts and gets to his brother, however, he refuses to shoot him. Andy says Laurel would be disappointed but Diggle says Andy is only alive because one of them is still human.

Oliver is being prepped with a task of Darhk's powers. Esrin Fortuna tells Oliver to focus on the light as she moves the power through him. She kicks it up a notch or two and Oliver finds himself in a battle with all of his enemies.

He is being told not to give in and to resist his darkness. He sees everyone who has died at the hands of his enemy.

Oliver doesn't get it and says he can go again, however, Fortuna tells him he will not get it because his darkness overpowers his light.

Felicity wants to know if that's it and it's all over, Fortuna says there is nothing she can do for Oliver.

Thea realizes that it's not even getting dark outside and Alex wants to know what has gotten into her. Thea says Alex never told her where they were going.

She notices a pattern in the sounds that she is hearing and then, Alex tries to take vitamins however, Thea knocks them out of his hands.

He says he got them from Ruve and Thea begins to realize that Alex might have drugged her.

John returns to A.R.G.U.S. and Lyla is livid with him for going out there on his own.

Diggle says he is sorry but Andy is his brother and Laurel was like a sister.

Lyla tells him he is not acting like the man she married, he is acting like the man she divorced. She urges him to get it together.

Felicity and Oliver discuss what happened and Oliver says he has too much darkness and Felicity is the one that brings the light. Felicity tells him to stop throwing himself a pity party but Oliver says it is acceptance.

Oliver says she said it himself that he always reverts to the man he was on the island. Felicity said when she said that she was hurt and the good news is all of them can change.

Darhk meets with Andy and mocks him at first, however, he then quickly praises him and asks him if the tracker was in place. Andy says yes and Darhk says it is time for another family reunion.

Lyla is trying to clean Diggle up when they hear an alarm. They know that they are under attack and Diggle tells Lyla to make sure their daughter is strapped in tight. They are then attacked by a grenade launcher.

Lyla checks on Sarah and calls in a code black. Andy and the rest of the ghosts are hunting down Diggle and Diggle realizes that he has to have a tracker on him. Diggle's team is unavailable and Lyla's team isn't responding.

They are on their own. Lyla says their vehicle could withstand anything, however. Diggle says not magic. Darhk stops the vehicle and Lyla asks Diggle to leave.

When they open the doors Diggle races out on a bike. Lyla tries to take on the ghosts but Darhk's magic is too strong. He tells her it is time for him to have his fun and just when he goes to get Sarah, he notices she is missing.

Sarah is strapped on to the back of Diggle who is riding for his life and his daughter's. Diggle is cornered but Felcity comes in and knocks down the ghosts with a van.

She apologizes for being late and tells Diggle Oliver is on his way. Diggle hands the baby to her and takes off.

Before Darhk could take out Lyla, Oliver puts an arrow into him and a couple of punches. Darhk uses his magic to get the upper-hand then tells Oliver he will enjoy killing him.

Diggle tracks down Andy and points the gun at him again. Meanwhile, Darhk tries to siphon energy from Oliver but he resists and breaks free. Oliver turns his attention to Lyla.

Andy is mocking Diggle, daring him to shoot him.

Andy tells him that Gensis is coming and asks him how it feels knowing that he doesn't have the guts to protect his own wife and child. It finally forces Diggle to pull the trigger and kill Andy.

Diggle closes his brother's eyes as Oliver walks up on them. Diggle asks for Lyla and Oliver says she is unconscious but she is fine.

Oliver asks Diggle what happened and Diggle says Andy was never going to back off and his family was never going to be safe.

Oliver is back at the lair and Felicity comes in. He asks if Felicity got in touch with Thea but she hasn't.

Oliver tells Felicity what happened between him and Darhk and he tells her that he heard her voice in his head along with Thea, Diggle and Laurel. They said to keep fighting, never give up and have hope.

Diggle is by Lyla's side when she wakes up worried about Sarah. Diggle tells her that Sarah is fine but Lyla knows something else is wrong. Diggle says he had to put Andy down.

Lyla says Andy wasn't a brother to him the way he was a brother to Andy. Lyla comforts Diggle during his tough time. Then, Lyla notices that something is gone, Darhk took Rubicon from her.

She tells the team it was implanted into her and Oliver tells Lyla he needs to know what it is. It is a launch control weapon that could stop a nuclear launch from any country. Diggle says Andy said that Genesis is coming and elsewhere Thea is running for her life.

The team is trying to figure out what big plans Darhk has. Thea runs out of room and realizes she is tapped in an underground world.

"Genesis" really pushed Diggle and the entire team to their limits in CWTV's Arrow.

How will the battle end between team Arrow and the "Darhkness." Fans who want more Arrow extras can head over to The CW to find out updates as season four continues to progress.

Photos that sum up tonight's episode.

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