'Arrow' Recap: 'Lost in the Flood' Season 4 Episode 22, Saving Thea

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Team Arrow is on a mission to rescue one of their own in this episode of CWTV's Arrow. In "Lost in the Flood," episode 22 of season four, Oliver is scrambling to find Thea and save her. However, some complications arise.

Arrow and Spartan take on the duty of storming the Arc in hopes to find and save Thea. Elsewhere, Felicity, Noah and Curtis create a tech team to try and foil Darhk's further efforts to level the world.

The battle is not easy for Oliver and Diggle and at one point they must split up if there is any hope of finding Thea. Their process is made even more difficult by the ghosts and Darhk's army.

Meanwhile, Oliver finally finds Thea but something is much different. She actually attacks him which adds complications to the extraction of Thea.

Damien Darhk is on a tear and has more power now more than ever. Will team Arrow actually succeed in taking him down or will they fail and send Star City to meet its doom?

The episode kicks off as Darhk mocks Arrow and Spartan after they try to shoot at him. He pulls them towards him and refuses to kill them until he lets Rubicon go. The building is crumbling around them and they barely make their escape out.

In the arc, Thea is still crying over the dead body of Alex. Malcolm shows up and asks her what happened. She says she doesn't know and can't reach Oliver.

Meanwhile, Malcolm grabs her arm and tells her he thinks she needs a timeout when he sees Anarchy. Felicity and her dad were having somewhat of a heart-to-heart when Curtis interrupts.

Curtis realizes that he is in the presence of the Noah Cuttler.

After they get introduced, Felicity fills Curtis in on H.I.V.E.'s involvement with the nuclear explosion. Felicity gets a message and has to leave curtis and Noah to work.

Ruve and Darhk meet with Brother Eye, a hacker he is working with. Ruve says she will handle Machin when they get an alert. Elsewhere Lance is panicking as Oliver and Diggle walk through the lair.

Felicity is there and hugs Oliver, happy that he didn't die.

She then gets to work on tracking the message she received from Thea.

They find her and Oliver and Spartan are going to leave, Lance wants to go, however, Oliver says they need someone to stay there to protect the city.

In a flashback, Oliver tells Taiana that her eyes were glowing when she saved them. They get caught and she is fired at with multiple bullets. She doesn't fall and Oliver kills off the enemies.

Her eyes glow again and she has insight on why Reiter is turning evil. Meanwhile, Malcolm has Thea kidnapped and and forces her to take something that he says will make her better.

Oliver and Spartan arrive at the spot and are confused because they don't see anything there. Oliver says it is an empty street but he sees a sewer that should not be there.

He blows the lid off of it and he and Spartan repel down to the Arc.

Ruve is trying to figure out why Machin is still a problem for them and tells him he needs to take care of it. Things get worse for hm when Ruve gets an alert that Arrow and Spartan are there.

Felicity loses Arrow and Spartans signal and then gets a message to go to Curtis and Noah. Curtis is drinking a beer when she walks in and hugs Felicity. Felicity is not sure why until she sees Donna and Noah coming down the stairs arguing.

Donna is happy to see her alive but isn't happy that she didn't tell her about Noah. Felicity asks her mother to sit down. Donna thinks Felicity is pregnant but she is not.

Felicity says she needs Noah to help her stop it. Donna doesn't believe her and she and Noah go back and forth. They begin fighting again but Felicity says they will stop it.

Felicity is forced to admit she has been working with the Green Arrow for three years. Donna says they can talk about it later after they save the world.

Meanwhile Curtis marvels at Felicity and her dad working together. But something disturbs Felicity.

Arrow and Spartan are staking out and Arrow decides they need to split up to find Thea. Oliver reaches Alex's dead body outside the house and finally sees Thea inside.

He breaks in and begins taking them all out.

He goes to free Thea but she kicks up and holds a gun at him. She radios in that she has the intruder and tells Oliver if he moves, she will kill him.

Oliver tries to talk her down and convince her that she is not thinking clearly. However, Malcolm interrupts and Oliver says he should have taken his head. Oliver says Laurel is dead because of Malcolm and Malcolm doesn't believe that he he will kill her.

Spartan comes in to save Oliver but Thea escapes. The ghosts begin chasing them through the Arc but they are just plowing through all of them.

This is Arrow and Spartan at their best. They finally reach a safe area where they can slip in.

Meanwhile, Darhk is becoming impatient with Brother Eye.

Darhk asks about his involvement with Felicity and Brother Eye says she use to be very different.

Spartan and Arrow startle a family in their home and just when they may have gotten the trust, Ruve delivers a distress message on the television.

In a flashback Taiana says she finally realizes why Reiter wants the power. She wants to go back to Russia and free her village like Reiter is doing to his. Oliver asks her what her brother would do or expect her to do.

In present day, Ruve is trying to tell Malcolm how to do his job. As they walk through the building with Thea, Machin happens to be inside the vents listening on.

Felicity, Curtis and Noah are teamed up and they realize they might have to overload Rubicon. Meanwhile, Donna and Noah are still going at it.

Felicity is listening on when Brother Eye comes in to tell them that their system is under his control and she has lost once again.

Curtis wants to know who Brother Eye is and Donna says it is Felicity's ex-boyfriend. He shut their system down with a virus and Felicity finds out that her dad was actually keeping tabs on his daughter. Noah, Curtis and Felicity make a good team and they remain composed after they come under attack.

They send a shock back to Brother Eye sending him flying out of his seat. Rubicon is offline.

Noah says it is all because of Felicity and she says "thanks dad." Donna witnesses it all and walks out.

Oliver and Spartan are trying to figure out how to get to Thea when they realize that the family they are with believes the world is beyond saving.

They says that Damien Darhk has given them hope and asks Arrow if he can say the same.

In a flashback, Oliver and Taiana make their way through the village. Oliver tries to save a man but Taiana says he is weak and stupid.

She says the man will only slow them down. She decides she will take the mans life and absorb him but Oliver tells her to stop.

Donna is folding clothes when Felicity walks in. Donna says she didn't want to take the bet that Noah could change. She is scared that she lost Felicity but Felicity tells her that she would never lose her.

In the Arc, Spartan and Oliver ties up the family and Oliver is starting to think Darhk may have a point. The ghosts come knocking and Spartan tells Oliver he will hold them off.

Oliver heads out to meet Thea but instead she engages him in a fight. They are battling it out and Thea gets the upper-hand. She draws an arrow at him and he tells her that she never gave up and she needs to fight the urge inside of her.

Malcolm almost gets the upper-hand on Spartan, however, Thea comes in and saves him. She tells Malcolm if he drugs her again she will kill him.

Then, there is a message on the screen from Anarchy. He has Ruve and Darhk's daughter. He is threatening to kill them and blow the Arc to bits.

The team now has to get Malcolm's help to protect everyone in the Arc. Oliver asks the family to help them get everyone out.

They they tell Malcolm that he needs to find a way out. They force Malcolm to find the way out.

In a flashback, Oliver is trying to convince Taiana that the idol is warping her mind. The kills them man after knocking Oliver out of her way. Anarchy is mocking Ruve in front of her daughter.

Ruve says he is destroying the last safe place on the planet. He says he is not a logical person. Just then, Oliver and the rest of the team comes in to help.

They fail to stop Anarchy and the Arc begins to blow. Anarchy then stabs Ruve and gets into a heated battled with the team.

Spartan saves Darhk's daughter and Oliver walks over to Ruve who makes him promise that he will save her daughter before she dies in front of him. Thea tells Oliver they need to get out of there immediately.

Meanwhile, Brother Eye awakens and Darhk is alerted that there is something happening in the Arc. Thea, Spartan, Arrow and Ruve's daughter makes it out alive. Malcolm doesn't seem to have made it out alive. Felicity asks them to report in frantically and Oliver says they are safe.

Oliver said people still need saving, they need hope. In a flashback, Taiana demands the idol to be given back.

Oliver says she will have to kill him for it. Reiter comes in pointing a gun at them asking him if he is willing to take that risk again.

Malcolm reports to Darhk who wants to know if his daughter is okay. Malcolm doesn't have a straight answer and Darhk now wants the whole world to burn because there is no safe place.

Elsewhere, Donna is asking Noah to leave and never come back. She thinks he has ulterior motives and says he is every bit as dangerous to their daughter as the day she kicked him out.

Donna says Felicity will survive because she is her daughter. Donna wants to know if Noah doesn't believe that leaving is the best thing for Felicity. Curtis is trying to help Felicity figure out what her parents might be talking about.

Curtis points out that she and Oliver and Donna and Noah are pretty much alike. Donna comes in and says Noah has to go away.

Curtis, Felicity and Donna are interrupted by Darhk who says he needs her to do something for him. Felicity tells him to go to Hell but Darhk says why go when he will bring it to them.

"Lost in the Flood" prepared fans for the challenges and uphill battle that the team in CWTV's Arrow will have to face.

Season four continues to be a wild ride and it doesn't look like it will be slowing down any time soon.

Fans who want more Arrow extras can head over to The CW to find out updates as season four continues to progress.

Photos that sum up tonights episode.

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