'Arrow' Recap: 'Canary Cry' Season 4 Episode 19, Life After Laurel

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The team has a lot of thinking to do in this episode of CWTV's Arrow.

In "Canary Cry," episode 19 of season four, the team tries to cope with the death of Laurel and while some have accepted it, others can't seem to move on.

Oliver, Thea, Felicity and Diggle are all trying to cope with the death of Laurel. After figuring out that his brother was in fact part of Darhk's plan all along, Diggle, is feeling the full pressure of guilt.

He is blaming himself for choosing to believe Andy over Oliver, which led to the murder of one of their team members and it could send him over the edge.

Lance took the death of his daughter extremely hard at the end of the last episode, however, this episode finds him in a state of denial.

He seeks out Nyssa and asks her to bring his daughter back from the dead just as they did with Laurel's sister Sara.

The evening of grieving began as the team attends a funeral. A pastor calls upon Oliver to speak but he is not there. Laurel volunteers to speak instead and talks about Tommy.

Laurel says that the death of Tommy was too painful for Oliver.

After the flashback, Oliver tries to make sense of it all to Lance who walks past the entire team who is speechless. Lance makes his way into the room as the doctor presents him with Laurel's belongings.

Lance falls apart at the sight of his daughter and Oliver tells him that they should get him out of there. Back at the lair Diggle is finishing a phone call with Lyla. Diggle didn't expect to see Oliver there and Diggle has placed his family under A.R.G.U.S. protection. Diggle says he isn't sure what Andy is capable and starts blaming himself. Oliver tells him as someone who is an expert in that department, he shouldn't blame himself.

They watch the new report of Laurel's death and Diggle says he needs some air. Meanwhile, in the streets a deal is going down and out of nowhere, the Canary Cry is let out and startles the sellers.

The Black Canary jumps off of the roof and snags their bag.

Back at the lair Felicity, Thea and Diggle come in after Oliver calls and he tells them that they have to go after Darhk. Thea says they do but they haven't put Laurel in the ground yet. Lance comes in and sees the footage of the Canary and Lance is reaching for hope.

Diggle says that it's different. Oliver realizes that the sonic device was missing from Laurel's bag.

Lance asks them if there isn't a chance that Laurel is back. Diggle realizes that Cisco made the sonic key to Laurel's voice so no one is supposed to be able to use it.

For clarity, Oliver brings Lance to see the body of Laurel in the morgue. Oliver thanks the doctor for her discretion through the whole process.

The doctor says all she can do is help those who helped the city. Oliver brings up the fact that there were 11 people who saw him bring Laurel to the hospital.

He says there was a Black Canary sighting last night and asks if he could help her locate anyone that could have taken the device.

The doctor tells Oliver that there is a patient that frequently visits the hospital but she could not release the name because of doctor/patient confidentiality.

In a flashback, Oliver remembers visiting Laurel's house after Tommy died and says Tommy would have liked the service better if he said a few words. Oliver says he didn't deserve to say anything at the funeral because he failed Tommy.

He says he came back with a chance to help people and make the city better and he couldn't.

Oliver says that Tommy is dead but Laurel tells him not to blame himself. As Oliver walks away, he says she would blame him too if she knew the truth.

Felicity briefs the team on Oliver's side mission to locate the woman from the hospital. Felicity takes some time to talk to Diggle about what happened and he is still clearly blaming himself.

Thea thanks Alex for delivering the message to the media and asked him why he go into politics.

Just then, the second Black Canary comes in and directs her words to Alex. She accuses him of working for "them," attacks him and Thea has to save him before he is shot.

Thea is knocked behind and has to call Oliver. She tells Oliver that the Canary attacked again and gave him a location which he uses to track the Canary down.

The woman is unmasked and uses the sonic vocalizer to keep Oliver at bay. She tells him that he just left them there and that he failed the city before taking off.

Thea and Oliver tell the team that the woman is not Laurel and that she has altered the vocalizer. Thea said the woman accused Alex of working for Ruve and Oliver says that she also brought up Reddington, the place where the captors were being held.

They realize that they left the prisoners there and that Evelyn was not wrong about them failing the city.

Lance approaches Nyssa who says the world will be a darker place without Laurel.

Lance says he has everything he needs for Laurel when she gets out of the Lazarus pit but Nyssa says she destroyed it and refuses to help. Lance says he will find another way to bring his daughter back.

Felicity approaches Oliver about the entire situation both Evelyn and Laurel. He says he came up short for both of them and he feels responsible. Felicity tells Oliver that she couldn't reassure Diggle that it wasn't his fault.

She says she wasn't there with the team and begins blaming herself as well. Oliver tells Felicity that he blames himself in times like this because he needs a reason.

Felicity gets a call from Thea who tells her that Lyla can't reach Diggle. Felicity says she will check on it.

Ruve is traveling in her limo when the drivers and guards are attacked. It's Diggle in his Spartan suit. He tells Ruve to get out of the car and he even hits her. He gets ready to take out Ruve as a message to Darhk when Oliver interrupts.

He tells Diggle that he is crazy for attacking the Mayor of the city who has all of the media she needs. He tells Diggle that it's not his fault but Diggle says every minute Darhk is out there is a minute his family is in danger.

Diggle is trying to find Andy but Oliver advises him otherwise. Oliver urges him to never forget who he is and not to become one of them.

Oliver brings Diggle back to the lair and Thea and Felicity have had no luck finding Darhk.

However, they turn on the TV to find Ruve outing her attacker and associating the Black Canary with the attacks as well. Ruve calls for an arrest warrant for the vigilantes starting with the Black Canary.

Ruve says they will dedicate the arrest and prosecution of the Black Canary to Laurel. Thea moves to call Alex and Oliver says they need to find Evelyn before the police do. Oliver receives a call from Nyssa who meets with him and warns him about Lance.

Nyssa asks Oliver if he is alright and he unloads his feelings. He says it doesn't seem right that everything Laurel stood for is going to waste.

In a flashback, Oliver remembers visiting Laurel and looking at old photos of Tommy. Laurel remembers Oliver sending gift baskets to everyone in order to earn her vote in high school.

He says it was Tommy's idea. Laurel tells Oliver that they could still save the world together. They then share a kiss and she says she is really excited about the future.

In present day Oliver approaches Lance about his frantic activity. Oliver says Laurel is gone and there is nothing they can do. Lance says Oliver doesn't understand because he never lost a child.

However, Oliver says he has lost a father, mother and Laurel. He tells Lance that if there was a way to bring her back he would, however, they can't.

Lance says Laurel was his rock and he can't go on without her. Oliver is there as Lance grieves hard for his daughter.

Felicity apologizes to Diggle for letting him believe there was something he could have done. Diggle says that she has nothing to apologize about and he should have listened to Oliver. She says that's not true but Diggle says he keeps going back to it and that's all that makes sense.

Felicity tells Diggle that what happened was not his fault and Laurel would have wanted him to know that. The get a sudden location of Evelyn who is going after Ruve Darhk for revenge.

Back at the city hall, Team Arrow is on sight looking out for Evelyn. Evelyn runs into security and uses her device to take him down. Ruve is alerted, however, she tells the guards to let the Canary come. Oliver finds Evelyn who is going through all of the security.

He warns her to not go through with this, however, she does so anyway. She bursts into the room and points the gun at Ruve.

Oliver has to talk her down and after he does. Ruve tries to have him arrested. However, he uses his Arrow grappler and hightails it out of there.

Evelyn is gone and the team talks about how much they missed having Laurel out there.

Thea says that Evelyn just destroyed Laurel's memory out there. Oliver says Evelyn is not the Black Canary and they won't let her reputation be tarnished.

Lance and his ex-wife are making their way towards the casket of their child. Lance says he doesn't think Laurel is coming back this time and apologizes to his ex. He has come to terms with the fact that Laurel is never coming back. This time around, Oliver is there to say a few words.

He says he knew Laurel for almost his entire life. He calls her a friend and says that he loved her.

Oliver says Laurel wanted to give a voice to the silent and do more for the people of the city.

Oliver reveals that Laurel was the Black Canary and that for the past two days he had to listen to people make the Canary look like a bad guy. He says she would want them to save the city.

In a flashback, Laurel finds a note in her apartment. It's a letter from Oliver who says he has to go away and not hold her back from helping the city. He says she has always been the best of him.

In present day Oliver looks over Laurel's grave and Barry walks up and apologizes for missing the funeral. Oliver says it's his responsibility to kill him and by him he means Darhk.

Barry takes off after Oliver says he wants to be left alone.

He kneels down to the tombstone and weeps. He moves on to the limousine where Felicity is waiting. Oliver asks her if she is okay and she asks him if he is. She says he knows what he has to do, he has to kill the son of a bitch.

Oliver says he knows but he doesn't know how. He says he has seen the magic before and it's not just magic, it is darkness.

He says whenever he came upon it he got nowhere.

Felicity says she refuses to let him believe that and that she fell in love with him because he always finds a way. She says he has to find a way for Laurel, the city and all of them.

"Canary Cry" is just as emotional as the episode in which Laurel met her end.

The loss of Laurel is driving team Arrow but will they be able to take out Damien Darhk? Fans who want more Arrow extras can head over to The CW to find out updates as season four continues to progress.

Photos that sum up tonights episode.

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