'Arrow' Recap: 'Eleven-Fifty-Nine' Season 4 Episode 18, Between the Siblings

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A pretty big bombshell surfaced on last weeks episode of CWTV's Arrow and it is exposed further in the latest episode.

In "Eleven-Fifty-Nine," episode 18 of season four, Oliver gets in the way of two siblings and it could cost him a friendship or an innocent life.

Oliver and Diggle's recon reveals that Malcolm is trying to break Damien Darhk out of prison. Laurel is trying to help the team take down Darhk but is given an offer she might not be able to refuse. Felicity and Curtis sit down to have a chat.

Meanwhile, Oliver gets a tip that Andy might be on Darhk's side once again, however, Diggle refuses to believe that his brother could be double-crossing them again.

Thea has her own beef to address with Malcolm while this all goes down.

The episode kicked off as Andy wanders around Diggle's apartment. He opens the safe and takes the gun out of it. Andy tells Diggle that H.I.V.E. is after him and Diggle says that he should have told him. Andy says he thinks there is friction between H.I.V.E. and Darhk and Andy asks Diggle what he should do. Meanwhile, Diggle breaks the news to Thea, Laurel and Oliver. They have the idol from Darhk and Oliver finally reveals he saw it before on Lian Yu. Diggle says they should keep Andy right where he is so he can go under cover for them. Oliver has his reserves but he agrees. Thea then reminds Oliver that he has to attend Ruve's acceptance speech after he handed her the win.

Oliver arrives and he is told that he actually broke records as a large number of voters wrote his name on the ballot despite him pulling out. Ruve thanks Oliver, Laurel and Thea for attending and even extends Laurel the opportunity to be the DA. In a flashback Oliver and Taiana are talking about a photo of her and her brother that helped her escape the current situation. He tells Taiana that she needs to let go of the past in order to survive. She agrees, picks up her gun and asks Oliver how they take Reiter's crew out.

In present day, Laurel and Thea are at the lair watching over A.R.G.U.S. and Thea asks her if she is going to accept the job. Laurel said it could be an opportunity. Meanwhile Laurel noticed that Thea stopped referring to Malcolm as dad.

Just then they are coincidentally attacked by Malcolm and the League who are trying to retrieve the idol. Diggle and Oliver get the distress signal but they are busy with their own mission to track some ghosts.

When they finally get a hold of the vehicle they find Andy on the inside.

He says they made it look easy and Oliver says that's because it was easy.

Meanwhile, Laurel and Thea are holding their own, however, when Laurel goes to check on Thea, she finds her knocked down and the both see that the idol is missing.

Diggle and Oliver return to see that the idol is missing but Oliver doesn't blame Laurel and Thea. He says that they should have been there. Thea is beside herself and takes to the streets to try to find Malcolm. Oliver doesn't want Andy to get any deeper with H.I.V.E. but Diggle assures him that it is okay. Laurel notices Oliver's reserves and he tells her that he believes they are being played by Andy. Laurel says he should be careful with the accusations because Andy helped them out a lot.

In a flashback Taiana frantically approaches Reiter's team as a distraction. They leave the room to go after "Conklin." However, they meet their demise at the hands of Oliver. Taiana and Oliver start taking over the caves. In present day Lance is trying to convince Laurel not to take the job as the DA. He tells her that taking the job would mean taking off her mask and giving up being the Canary.

Oliver and Diggle meet up with Thea when they get a call from Andy telling them he has spotted Malcolm. Team Arrow arrives but when they chase Malcolm, they reach a trap.

Andy takes an arrow for Oliver and when Oliver opens up the separation barrier locking them away from the rest of the team. Malcolm is gone and Andy says he and H.I.V.E. could be long gone.

Meanwhile, Malcolm meets Darhk in jail but he has brought him the wrong idol. Darhk says he advises Malcolm to find the correct idol or Genesis isn't going to be the only thing he and his daughter have to be afraid of. Diggle helps Andy who is worried that Darhk's men saw him fighting for Team Arrow. Diggle says he isn't going to come for them, however, Diggle reveals that there is a big piece missing and Darhk did not get the real idol.

Oliver overhears the conversation and calls Diggle over. He tells him that the information has to be compartmentalized.

Oliver shows his emotions about Andy and Diggle tells Oliver that he took an Arrow for him. The team splits up on their missions and Oliver sends Andy home.

In a flashback, Oliver, Taiana and other captives begin taking over and Oliver tells them to go to the boat. Taiana asks about him and he says he is going after Reiter. He plans on trapping him on the island. In present day, Laurel is trying to find the piece of the idol that Darhk had Malcolm smuggle into the prison.

Darhk begins threatening Laurel about Lance but she tells him that she will see him in court. Oliver visits Andy and asks him what he is looking for.

Andy tells him he is looking for surveillance and Oliver thinks that Andy has been playing them the whole time. He thinks Andy is looking for the missing piece of the idol.

Oliver attacks Andy and threatens him to give up Darhk's plans. Diggle walks in and points the gun at Oliver. He tells Oliver to let Andy go and Oliver tells him that he can't trust Andy, however, Diggle tells him to get out. Back at the lair Diggle is livid with Oliver and he thinks Oliver is trying to control everything around him.

Oliver explains each situation play-by-play and their faith in each other brings them to point fingers at one another. Oliver says he is what the five years away turned him into.

Diggle says not all men are like him. He says he is stuck in self-pity and self-righteousness and that is why Felicity left him. Diggle says Oliver had no right to judge him and walks out.

Thea overheard everything and tries to make him feel better but Oliver just asks her about Iron Heights. She has set up surveillance and says if anything happens they will see it. Laurel approached Oliver who says he should have taken her advice.

Laurel says she is not taking up the DA's job because she wants to help. Oliver says the team is falling apart and that being the DA is what she always wanted.

He tries to convince Laurel that the city needs a hero without a mask.

At Iron Heights Darhk tells Murmur about all that he will be able to have. Murmur presents him with the relic and an uprising at Iron Heights begins. Darhk is safely at the center of it all. The team is alerted and Oliver tells the team to suit up.

Laurel decides that it will be her last time suiting up as the Canary. Lance arrives at Iron Heights and makes a bit of a scene as a distraction for the team to get an opening.

Diggle brought Andy along and Andy says he is there to prove that Oliver can trust him. The team splits up and Thea and Laurel begin taking men out. Andy and Diggle take out a few men of their own.

Thea comes face to face with Malcolm and tells Laurel to get the others. Diggle, Andy and Oliver arrive to meet Darhk who is standing in front of his idol. Laurel comes in and helps them take out Darhk's men. Thea and Malcolm are in a heated battle and he gets the best of her. He tells her that she lost her drive to kill and that is why she will never beat him. He walks away without harming her.

Meanwhile, Darhk is holding a gun at Andy and threatens Team Arrow to lower their weapons. Darhk walks up to Andy and says he believes he has something for him. Andy hands over the last piece of the relic and Diggle finds out that Andy has been tracking the team for Darhk the entire time.

Thea comes in and puts two arrows into Darhk. He rips them out with the time team Arrow is spending in their battle.

Darhk uses his blood and other inmates to regain his power. He takes a hold of team Arrow and Darhk exposes the entire plan. He throws Diggle and Thea to the side and turns his attention to Laurel.

Oliver tries to stop him but fails and Darhk stabs Laurel with an arrow. He tells her to tell Lance that he is a man of his word.

Oliver rushes Laurel to a hospital and cries out for help. The doctor tells him to leave her so she can do her job and Oliver takes off.

In a flashback, Oliver remembers a conversation with Taiana in which he reveals that Laurel was his home. It is Laurel's photo and Taiana vows to tell Laurel how he saved hem all if he doesn't get off the island. In return she asks that Oliver tell her parents what happened to her and her brother. Reiter interrupts and performs a spell with he relic in his hand. It's explosive and knocks him from his feet.

Lance learns the the Black Canary has been severely hurt and he tries his best to get the Lieutenant on the phone so he can leave to see Laurel. Felicity arrives at the hospital.

Diggle tells Oliver that he warned him and he didn't listen. Laurel is wheeled out and the doctor tells them that she will be fine. The entire team breathes a sigh of relief and visits Laurel in her room.

Laurel says she was going to give up being the Black Canary but she is not going to because going out and fighting along side the team makes her feel alive. Everyone in the team tells Laurel that they love her and Oliver is left to speak to his "home." Laurel tells him to get some rest but he says there is no chance. He says he will stay there with her. She asks him to bring her something from her pouch. It's the photo that he had with him on Lian Yu.

She says it's a reminder of when things were simpler. She says she really loves that he found Felicity and he hopes he finds his way back to her.

However, he will always be the love of her life. She tells him that she is saying this because anything can happen, then asks him to promise her something.

Suddenly back in the room something goes wrong and Laurel begins going into shock. The whole team is in the room as the doctors try to bring her back. Laurel flatlines and it appears as if Laurel, the Black canary has died.

The team falls apart in the room as the time of death 11:59 is announced. Oliver leaves the room and sobs in the hallway.

Lance walks around the corner and the looks they exchange alone says it all. Lance falls to the floor in shock and Oliver is at a loss for words.

"Eleven-Fifty-Nine" was a pretty epic episode for CWTV's Arrow. As the season nears its end we expect more explosive episodes like this one to come.

It's getting very dangerous for team Arrow. Will Darhk's threat ever diminish? Fans who want more Arrow extras can head over to The CW to find out updates as season four continues to progress.

Photos that sum up tonights episode.

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