Bradley Cooper Could Play WWE's Vince McMahon In Biopic Movie

Currently in development is a biopic movie based on the life of WWE owner Vince McMahon. Well the studio making the movie is hoping that Bradley Cooper is able to take the role of the professional wrestling mogul. Is he the right guy for the job?

As reported by PWInsider, Tristar and WWE Studios made an offer to Bradley Cooper for him to star in the movie. It remains to be seen if Cooper is interested in the role, but it might give the movie some much needed credibility. Not only is Cooper a famous name, but he has also been nominated as 'Best Actor' multiple times at the Academy Awards.

The film itself is called 'Pandemonium' and will focus on the crazy life of Vince McMahon. Vince McMahon overtook his father's wrestling company to make it a worldwide success. Before McMahon, professional wrestling companies usually stayed in the same region. Thanks to McMahon, wrestlers can now travel the world to entertain more fans than ever before.

The thing that might work against the film is the real life Vince McMahon himself. Since WWE studios is involved, Vince has to approve of everything that happens in the movie. 'Pandemonium' could gloss over controversial topics that happened in McMahon's life. This includes the Steroids Trial, the Montreal Screwjob and the death of Chris Benoit.

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However, the movie will be cool to watch for wrestling fans. Bradley Cooper could also get an Academy Award if he manages to portray Vince McMahon accurately. It will be cool to see if Cooper is able to mimic McMahon's famous walk down the ramp. There's still no release date for the film, but it should be out in the near future.

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