WWE Wrestler John Cena Is Getting Sued By Car Company Ford

It's not often you hear that WWE Superstar John Cena breaking any type of rules. However, Cena upset car company Ford recently and they are suing him.

As reported by TMZ, Ford is suing John Cena because he broke a contractual agreement. Ford selected him to be one of the first to buy their new 2017 Ford GT model.

Ford and John Cena signed a mutual agreement for him to receive the new car early, but he was not allowed to sell it unless two years have gone pass.

Cena got too eager and sold the new car for $500,000 earlier this year, therefore he broke the contractual agreement.

Ford left the a statement to TMZ being upset that Cena made an unfair huge profit over his unauthorized sale of the car.

Ford is now suing the professional wrestler due to the potential loss of brand sale and other things that could damage their reputation with customers.

Ford wants Cena to pay them the profit he gained from selling the car plus other damages that he may have caused.

Cena is not denying he sold the car as he said he did so in order to pay bills.

It's unlikely Cena will be "punished" by the WWE for something like this. Even though it creates a negative headline, it's not as bad as some of the other things wrestlers have said or done in the past.

Not to mention WWE cannot really punish Cena since he's just a part time wrestler now.

A good amount of Cena's time is now occupied by his rejuvenated Hollywood career. He is following in the footsteps of both Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Dave Bautista.

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