Thursday Daya by Zendaya Clothing Line Launch, Pop Up Shops: What We Know So Far

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It has only been a few weeks since Zendaya dropped the bombshell on Instagram that she was working on a clothing line as part of her 'Daya by Zendaya' collection, and we now have a possible launch date.

What can we expect?

A 'Daya By Zendaya' Clothing Line?

You no doubt have seen the stylish and innovative shoe collection that Zendaya launched earlier in the year. The shoes nearly revolutionized the industry, combining high-end design with an affordable price.

Well, now Zendaya is about to launch a clothing line as part of 'Daya By Zendaya' with her stylist Law Roach.

Zendaya nonchalantly announced the new line with a post on Instagram:

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The line promises to revolutionize the high-end clothing industry in the same way as 'Daya By Zendaya' did with the luxury footwear industry.

So far, we have only gotten a few teases of what the collection will include, but it appears to consist of both women's and men's clothing.

We do know that 'Daya By Zendaya' will feature a velvet jumpsuit:

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It will also include bomber jackets and at least one leather jacket:

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When Will The 'Daya By Zendaya' Clothing Line Launch?

Zendaya and her team have managed to keep the entire operation under wraps since she announced it in the summer. However, today, Zendaya's team began the countdown to launch with the number 5:

If there really are 5 days to launch, we should be seeing the line enter stores this week. We expect the line to be available in the same stores that sell Zendaya's shoe line, including Macy's, Nordstrom, and Kohls.

Update: The line will be launching this Thursday November 3, and according to Vogue it will be available in sizes 0-22, and everything will be less than $160.

Wow! Zendaya will be having pop up shop in NY, LA, and Chicago this weekend.

Final Verdict?

When Zendaya first announced the clothing line, we were skeptical that she could repeat the success she's had with her shoes. But after seeing the clothes, we're convinced. The clothes look amazing, and they really show off Zendaya's style sense.

Now, knowing that those looks will be less than $160, we are starting to think 'Daya By Zendaya' could be a game changer in clothing.