Young Boy Has Ankle Breaking Dance Skills: Dance Moves To Make You Cringe And Cheer

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You'd normally hear of ankle breakers in a basketball game only, but this young boy takes everything to a whole other level with some incredible ankle breaking dance skills that will make you cringe and cheer him on at the same time.

(Video Below)

The video first surfaced on WorldStarHipHop and shows a dance showcase reminiscent of the ones you only find in movies like Step Up.

The crowd begins cheering a little as the boy begins to showcase his moves.

The cheers grew even more as the young boy used his ankles and feet to slide and glide all over the surface, but then, things got even crazier.

The youngster breaks out this incredible move that looks extremely painful yet cool at the same time.

If any normal person tried this they would either break or roll both of their ankles because it looks so dangerous.

This is not the case with the young dancer he just goes in like a champ and the crowd who have by this point turned into fans begin throwing their hats in adoration for the crazy dance moves.

Watch The Young Boy Dance On His Ankles Below