Watch Tove Lo's 'Timebomb' With A Stranger

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Swedish singer/song writer, Tove Lo, released "Timebomb" as a single off of her album "Queen of the Clouds." She didn't just stop there, Lo released a music video for the song and website for the music video.

Lo has said that "Timebomb" is a song about a relationship that can only sustain it's passion for a short amount of time. Like a one-night stand for example, which was the main idea being tossed around for the video.

After two music videos already dedicated to the topic of sex, Lo decided to take a more romantic and political view for the video.

"The storyline of the kind of love that can't last forever because it isn't allowed to or it's not socially accepted."

The music video features a range of different couples standing on a small stage that's set up on the beach. Lo thought it was important to get the message that everyone should be able to love who they want through the video.

So there's an interracial couple, a gay and lesbian couple, and others separated for other reasons. Every couple in the video goes through sweet moments and rough moments together.

Lo decided to continue on with the theme of short relationships when she created the "We Are A Timebomb" site for the music video. The idea behind the site is watching the music video with a stranger.

The person is probably going to be someone you'll never run into again but you'll have shared a moment while watching the music video.

Lo does leave you with a picture of you and the stranger to share where ever you please.

Lo has been using the site watching the music video with her fans.