The 'Working Wounded Games' Shows That No One Should Ever Have An Excuse

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In what could be considered one of the most inspirational videos on YouTube, the video coverage of the Working Wounded Games is a touching piece about Adaptive Athletes who are inspired to keep on pushing.

(Video Below)

The Crossfit YouTube channel posted the video which shows athletes who are forced to adapt to new ways of practicing Crossfit after serious accidents or those who in some cases have been born without a limb.

It is an attest to the will power of a human being and shows that no matter what position you are in you can always live a healthy and normal life.

It also illustrates that excuses in life are intolerable because these athletes compete in competitions that are both rigorous and difficult, but never give up

"To be able to compete with all these other athletes who are amazing is so much more awesome and and it's really inspiring fun and something different every time," says Erin Hardtke in the video.

"A Afghan border patrol guy living on our base with us put on a vest and ran up on us, on me and some of my friends," says Brendan Ferreira, "I lost two of my brothers that day, I lost my arm, vision in my right eye, took a lot of damage to both my legs, but I'm here still."

"David 'Chef' Wallach, founder of CrossFit Rubicon, says the event provides a competitive outlet for athletes who may otherwise not have the opportunity to compete," said the caption of the video.

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