Woman Crush Wednesday: Hilary Duff 'Sparks' Sparking Her Comeback

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We all know Hilary Duff as one of Disney's favorites, Lizzie McGuire. Even though it's been over a decade since she's filled Lizzie's shoes, it doesn't mean we don't love Hilary Duff as well.

With the recent release of her latest single, "Sparks," the 27-year-old singer/actress is making a comeback.

Some may remember Duff's sophomore album, Metamorphosis, with singles "So Yesterday" and "Come Clean." She was also the star of A Cinderella Story alongside Chad Michael Murray, played one of 12 children in Cheaper by the Dozen and Cheaper by the Dozen 2, and struggled with finding her place at a prestigious music school in Raise Your Voice.

She has starred in a number of other films while keeping music part of the picture as well.

Outside of acting and singing, Duff has remained busy with other projects. She released a trilogy, Elixir, Devoted, and True; launched a clothing line which, unfortunately, only last several years; and released her perfume, "With Love... Hilary Duff."

While always appearing with a smile on her face, Duff has received a handful of criticism over the years. Like any other Hollywood actress and/or singer, she's heard it all whether it was about her weight or her acting.

But growing up under a microscope isn't easy, and despite the harsh words and the paparazzi, she's shown no signs of stopping.

In 2010, Duff married hockey player Michael Comrie, who she shared a 4-year marriage with. She also gave birth to her first child, Luca, the following year. Now, with her newfound life as a single mom, Duff is only getting started.

A new show titled Younger, starring Duff, recently kicked off at the end of March, and now she is getting ready for the release of her fifth studio album, Breathe In.

Breathe Out, which will be in stores on June 16th.

The video for "Sparks" is said to be relevant to Duff's dating life. The video shows the star creating a Tinder profile and going out on blind dates, something she says she has never done before.

The song itself contains poppy beats, and lyrics that embody Duff in a mature light, creating a clear line between Lizzie McGuire Hilary Duff and present day Hilary Duff.

She is also sporting bright lip stick, light blue hair, and hot pink pants.

In the video, Duff also makes the comment, "Go do something crazy, go do something you wouldn't do before." She's bold, beautiful, and taking complete control of her life.

The girl just wants to have fun, and it's no surprise that Hilary Duff is entering back into the spotlight.

Check out the "Sparks" video below: