Wiz Khalifa's 'Rolling Papers 2' May Be Releasing Soon

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In his latest DayToday Vlog, Wiz Khalifa gave fans a sneak peek into his recording process for his upcoming Rolling Papers 2 album and it seems as if it's all coming together pretty fast.

The Vlog was appropriately titled "Working Harder Than Ever" and that's exactly the kind of tone that you're getting from Rolling Papers 2 thus far. Its a culmination of hard work involving a ton of studio time and attention to detail.

"I'm trying to make this album one of the best," said Khalifa in the Vlog, "I feel like if we get the right people together we can just make that sh*t.

It won't even be something we have to look for. We just make that sh*t."

The intentions are all there to make Rolling Papers 2 a classic album. Khalifa has been spending a ton of time in the studio and you don't have to take our word for it, his Instagram page is a pure representation of where he has been spending the majority of his time.

Giving the fans the ability to experience the making of an album also gives them more of an attachment to the project, so in a sense, that was one of the smartest things Khalifa could have done.

He's also surrounding himself with artists who are at high peaks in their career such as Travis Scott and Rae Sremmurd. There is no set release date for Rolling Papers 2, however, Khalifa confirmed that the album is on the way.

Watch the DayToday: Working Harder Than Ever Vlog below.

Roll another one up.

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