Wiz Khalifa's New Track 'King of Everything' is an Evident Product of Hard Work

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For some two months, Wiz Khalifa has posted photos of him in the studio working hard on Rolling Papers 2.

At midnight, he released a new track titled, "King of Everything" and it's evident that it was a product of hard work.

(Audio Below)

"King of Everything" is Khalifa like you've never heard him before. His verses are sharp, heavy and have an heir of confidence that's even higher than normal.

There are shades of a rebellious tone as Khalifa raps, "young rich n***a, smoke weed when I want to." The bars on this track really reveal that Khalifa's skill-set has only strengthened over time and the song is one very successful release from Khalifa.

The beat itself is a bit menacing with electronic undertones. It perfectly rides the lines of a party hip-hop track and a lyrical assault from Khalifa. There hasn't been word yet as to whether or not the song is a single from Rolling Papers 2, however it wouldn't be surprising if it is.

Fans have already been raving about the new track and even created a few memes to express their emotions after hearing a few of the cutting lyrics.

"King of Everything" has already become and instant fan favorite and serves as a great appetizer for Rolling Papers 2. You can check out "King of Everything" below.

Listen to Wiz Khalifa's "King of Everything" below.