Is Wiz Khalifa Tired of the Drake V.S. Meek Mill Hip-Hop Beef?

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The MMG golden boy Meek Mill opened up a can of worms when he claimed that Drake doesn't write his lyrics.

Since then, Drake has released a slew of diss tracks without an answer from Meek and it looks like Wiz Khalifa might be tired of all the beef.

(Stream "Back To Back" Below)

Earlier today, Khalifa tweeted "Rap = Wrestling. Smoke one with your real friends," a post that seems directly related to what's going on between Drake and Meek Mill at the moment.

The constant calling out and the social media outings are becoming a wrestling match in Hip-Hop. Khalifa's tweets insinuate that there aren't many genuine people in the rap game as Mill and Drake were once friends and collaborators.

Just today, Drake released another diss track titled, "Back To Back" and in it he says that Mill is "getting bodied by a singing n****," solidifying the fact that he's really trying to be the winner in the whole Twitter beef.

So far, it seems as if Drake is winning as Mill has yet to respond to Drake's onslaught of diss tracks. Do you agree with Wiz Khalifa's assessment of the beefs?

Listen to "Back To Back" below.