Wiz Khalifa Shows Off A Huge Bag Of Weed: King of Weed Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Mac Miller & More

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Between Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa the king of Mary Jane has yet to be determined but Khalifa may have taken an edge with his latest photo displaying a huge back of weed.

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Rapper with blonde hair.

A photo posted by Wiz Khalifa (@mistercap) on

The caption of the photo may be referring to Khalifa's blonde hair but that will not be enough to distract fans and followers from the most bountiful color in the photo, green. Khalifa posted this weed infused photo to his Instagram page earlier today where he has some equipment laid out along with an impressive stash of weed.

He's known for his stoner personality and lyrics that often times reference the use of marijuana.

While the references have become a normality in Hip-Hop, Khalifa and Snoop Dogg sit at the top of the totem pole alone with Juicy J of the Three 6 Mafia.

Recently, Snoop released his own Vaporizer in celebration of the release of his album "Bush," where as Khalifa released his own brand of "Rolling Papers" last June.

J is part of Khalifa's Taylor Gang Entertainment Label and Snoop has appeared alongside Khalifa in two tracks where they both reference smoking weed. Of course Snoop would be the top pick for the king of Mary jane smokers in Hip-Hop because he's an OG in the game however, Khalifa might be the closest to taking over that throne.

Other notable weed smokers in Hip-Hop include, Curren$y, Mac Miller, Lil Wayne, Smoke DZA, Schoolboy Q and Action Bronson. So tells us who you think the king of stoners in Hip-Hop is by voting in our poll below.

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