Is Wiz Khalifa The Most Inspiring Rapper In The Game?

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The album Blacc Hollywood is the first album by Wiz Khalifa to hit #1 on the charts.

For an artist on an 'indie' record label, that is a feat very seldom seen. Rostrum Records is the label and whereas they other stars like Leon Thomas on their roster, no one comes close to Wiz.

Wiz grew up in Pittsburgh, which is where the label is situated and they also used to represent Mac Miller, though the two parted ways in January. Wiz Khalifa at first was signed with Warner Bros.

and released his single Say Yeah in 2008, which was met with some success. But even though Wiz works with the majors (Atlantic now), his roots lie in the label that discovered him, Rostrum Records.

So what makes Wiz the most inspiring rapper in the game? You could certainly make the argument for Frank Ocean, Jay-Z, or even Mac Miller for being independent. Our vote is for Wiz, who has a massive following of his music and never changes who he is.

His music stays true to what it is, and on a personal level, he is dedicated to his family (And who wouldn't be to Amber Rose).

So not only do we consider him to be the most inspiring in the game right now, but also the most inspiring of 2014.

And if you need any other reason to love Wiz:

Having a #1 album with an indie record label is all the gusto we need to make Wiz Khalifa the most inspiring rapper of 2014.