Willow Smith's 'November 9th' Adds Some Light After The 2016 Election

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Everyone is expressing their thoughts on the recent 2016 election results in their own ways. While plenty of hostility is continuing to surface, Willow Smith brings plenty of light with a new track titled, "November 9th."

The dreamy makeup of "November 9th" along with the supple lyrics of inspiration and leadership is exactly what the youth and quite frankly all of of the U.S. needs.

The song only comes in at a minute and 39 seconds but it's beauty will stick with you long after you've had your first listen.

"Baby girl, I know you're tired/Don't let the world put out your fire/Take my hand and you will see/Sadness and anger aren't everything," sings Smith.

"Baby boy don't lose your sweetness/Don't think your humanity equals weakness/Take my hand and you shall see/Suppression and pain are not everything."

Plenty are feeling like they are in a state of defeat over the 2016 election results.

For those who seem to be puzzled at the results are looking for an explanation, this track is a pretty good reminder to not feel defeated. You can stream Willow Smith's incredible track "November 9th" below.

Stream Willow Smith's "November 9th"