Will Nike or Jordan Brand Respond To Kanye West's 'Facts'?

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One of the biggest pieces of musical news to hit the new year was Kanye West's recently released song, "Facts," which was a clear diss to Nike and Jordan Brand.

The big question that still remains unanswered is whether or not Nike or Jumpman will have anything to say in response.

Kanye West unleashed what was one of the most outlandish and bold tracks in "Facts." "Facts" was all about Kanye proving that Adidas was on the up and up and that he believed it surpassed Nike's Jordan Brand. He pointed out that Nike turned to the likes of Drake in order to keep their hype alive.

There is no doubt that the large surge in the hype around Adidas has been a result of Kanye's influence and the Yeezy Season line featuring the Yeezy 350 Boost and 750 Boost, however it's pretty bold calling out one of the top tier companies in footwear.

So far there hasn't been much out of the Nike or Jordan Brand camp but you have to believe that something is coming.

We live in an age where the social media accounts of big name companies aren't playing around when it comes to trolling/responding to people who diss them. Don't believe us, we present exhibit a the Campbell's Soup who completed took their trolling to a new level after some consumers were unhappy with the portrayal of a family which featured a gay couple and their son.

It was just one of the many instances in which companies used their ability to interact directly with their consumers and haters and turn them into a win for themselves.

The real "Facts" were outlined in a recent Complex editorial that proved Nike should be anything but worried about the diss track. Nike is still the highest selling footwear company and they're very active on social media.

If they really wanted to they could probably challenge Yeezy with a chart and a meme.

It will be very interesting to see if the company has anything to say about Kanye's "Facts." Meanwhile, fans of Kanye West are just happy they were treated to some new Kanye music as his highly anticipated album Swish still has no release information.