Will Kid Cudi Respond to Lupe Fiasco's Threat?

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It seems a little funny that Lupe Fiasco has chosen the week of Kid Cudi's Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven album release to air him out in public.

We're sure fans are wondering whether or not Cudi will respond to Fiasco, here's what we think.

Cudi has been on a pretty big love crusade as he urges his fans to create their own love and swim in it. However the beef between Fiasco and Cudi seems to be never-ending.

Cudi doesn't take attacks lightly and he likely will have something to say about Fiasco's "moment" as he called it in his recent set in Milwaukee.

The single verse he recited about Cudi took direct aim at him and even threatened him if he was to see him in public.

Now, Cudi certainly doesn't need the negative attention, especially after the successful release of the James White film that his fans raved about on Twitter. In case anyone has forgotten, Cudi also has a new album titled, Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven that is scheduled to release on Friday, December 4. It can go one of two ways, either Cudi ignores what Fiasco had to say and concentrates on the plethora of things going well in his life, or he comes back with a response.

Cudi is past his hip-hop phase as he stated so it's likely that the response will not come in the form of a diss track but rather another back and forth exchange on Twitter perhaps.

We'll just have to wait and see.

Relive the diss below.