Will Justin Bieber's Purpose Album Be Another 2015 Platinum Project?

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In 2015 it seems like Drake was one of the only artists to reach platinum status with If You're Reading This It's Too Late, however there is another Canadian prospect that might be able to compete with that.

His name is Justin Bieber and the album in question is titled Purpose.

In 6 weeks, Bieber will be releasing a big comeback album titled, Purpose and the hype around it really makes you get the feeling that he could join Drake in completing a feat that is very hard to do in an age of illegally downloaded albums. Bieber's triumphant return began with the release of his single "What Do You Mean?" followed by an emotional performance at the 2015 MTV VMA's.

Since then Bieber has been doing a number of appearances and performances to promote the album while still finding time to do a hobby he loves, skating.

Bieber's single "What Do You Mean?" already broke all sorts of records including the fastest single to reach number one on iTunes. Given the feats that Bieber has already been able to accomplish, it's not hard to think that he could potentially have a platinum album on the way.

His fanbase has remained loyal and it's only continued to grow.

Despite having his album share a release date with One Direction, Bieber doesn't seem all that worried. Recently Bieber posted a video with Floyd Mayweather in which Mayweather says "I don't say nothing, I let the money do the talking." Will that apple to Purpose? Fans will be able to find out when the album releases on November 13.